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When her son died, she fell in despair. When she was crying at the hospital, the god Seth tricked her and gave her the power to control the wind. As the Wind Warrior, she fought alongside the team Earth Force against the Warriors Three. Later on, when the team realized Seth's goal, they turned against their master with the aid of Thor. Since then, Pamela and her partners Earth Lord and Skyhawk have been working as superheroes. 


Windwarrior was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in 1988 and first appeared in Thor # 395.

Powers & Abilities

Wind Warrior possesses superhuman strength which enables her to lift up to 10 tons, and she also has the superhuman ability to alter her body into winds or even whirlwinds that can reach tornado force. Wind Warrior can also fly by summoning winds strong enough to carry her.    

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