Wind Man

    Character » Wind Man appears in 9 issues.

    A Chinese Robot Master built for the First Annual World Robot Master Tournament, Wind Man can control air with his turbo fans. He apparently has a strong rivalry with Air Man.

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    Mega Man 6

    Wind Man was originally created to work in agriculture, but was later re purposed for the Tournament held by Mister X. Wind Man was one of the Final 8 robots in the tournament and was reprogrammed by Mister X to serve as a general in his Robot Army. Mega Man was dispatched and defeated Wind Man, gain his ability. It was later shown that Mister X was actually Dr. Wily all along.

    Powers and Abilities

    With his giant turbines Wind Man can easily control the flow of Battle. He will attempt to suck enemies towards him. Most Robot Masters can fight this though it will limit their movement. Wind Man will also use fan blades as improvised shuriken typically launching two at a time. Wind Man can also use the wind turbines on his feet to hover giving him added agility in a fight. Despite these advantages he was still defeated by Mega Man and later by the Staroid Jupiter. Wind Man was weak to Centaur Man's Centaur Flash Attack.


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