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    Wilykit and her brother Wilykat, the youngest Thundercats, are cunning tricksters and mischief makers.

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    Wilykit is from the planet Thundera, but much of her past on Thundera is still unknown. She has an older twin brother Wilykat.


    Wilykit was created by Rankin/Bass and Ted Wolf in Thundercats TV Show. In comic Wilykit was created by David Michelinie and Jim Mooney.

    Character Evolution

    Marvel/Star Comics

    Wilykit (Marvel/Star Comics)
    Wilykit (Marvel/Star Comics)

    Wilykit is one of the last survivors of Thundera, a very adventurous young lady, she spends most of her time with her brother Wilykat. The pair of young thunderians are playful and active. She does not go on as many missions as the older thundercats.

    DC Comics/Wildstorm

    Wilykit (DC Comics/Wildstorm)
    Wilykit (DC Comics/Wildstorm)

    Wilykit is one of the youngest members of the team and considered a Thundercat in training, but fights alongside the adults with her brother. When the two get together, they are a very clever and cunning duo. She is braver than her brother, but that gets her into a lot of trouble sometimes.

    Major Story Arcs


    Dogs of War

    Grown-up Wilykit
    Grown-up Wilykit

    Ten years into the future, Lion-O is an aged king and ready to choose a successor now that his land is prosperous and at peace. A grown Wilykit now watch over Tygra and Cheetara's twin sons Wilycat and Wilycub, she make sure that the two stay out of trouble.

    Powers and Abilities


    She very agile like her brother.


    Like her brother, Wilykit has a lariat which kept looped at her side on a belt. Her belt contains various pouches, which can contain numerous pellets and powders. The pellets can do any number of things - explode, release gaseous clouds, turn into a million tiny, round pebbles, or even release a prehistoric balloon creature. Some of the pellets are set off by an impact, while others need water to create the desired effect.


    She is very skilled with her spaceboard than her brother.

    Other Versions

    Other Media


    Thundercats (1985)

    WilyKit (Thundercats - 1985)
    WilyKit (Thundercats - 1985)

    Wilykit is a very adventurous young lady, she spends most of her time with her twin brother Wilykat. The pair of young Thunderkitten get into lot of mischiefs. (WilyKit is voiced by Lynne Lipton.)

    Thundercats (2011)

    Wilykit (Thundercats - 2011)
    Wilykit (Thundercats - 2011)

    Their history was revealed to be that their family owned a farm outside of Thundera. Their father would read them the story of El-Dara often. They have two younger siblings and a mother. After a tornado hit, their father was killed and destroyed all of their crops leaving them near broke and unable to afford food for all of them, their mother would skip out on meals to let her kids eat. They decided to leave for Thundera so their mother could eat and find El-Dara. Wilykat and his sister often wander the streets where they would at first beg for food but in order to survive.Their mother hummed a lullaby to the kittens when they were small and she taught them to play the song on Wilykit's flute. Wilykit can be heard playing this song on many occasions. Wilykit and her brother often wander the streets, Wilykit uses her musical instrument to distract and hypnotize civilians while Wilykat steals food and money from them. They have the Forever Bag which holds anything.


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