Wilson Taylor

    Character » Wilson Taylor appears in 52 issues.

    Author of the Tommy Taylor stories, and Tom Taylor's father.

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    Wilson Taylor once worked for a secret cabal bent on controlling the world through the power of stories and the Leviathan. Eventually, after the cabal forced him to ruin his love, Miriam Walzer's, life he withdrew from the Cabal and began plotting against them. Wilson set out to write the single most popular book ever released, calculating every detail to gain as much audience attention as possible.

    He had an affair with Sue Morganstern for the express purpose of birthing a son to coincide with the release of his new novel. This son, called Thomas, never knew his mother and spent his childhood in relative solitude, being groomed for Wilson's plan. Wilson hoped that if he raised Tom to be as close to the fictional Tommy Taylor from his novels as possible, and he orchestrated events to make his audience consider that Tommy could be real, then power of Leviathan could blur the lines of reality and turn Tom into Tommy.

    Wilson faked his death during Tom's childhood to add mystique to the Tommy mythos, and then was actually murdered by Pullman, the true orchestrator of the cabal.

    Recently, Wilson Taylor was brought back to life by his son, and is attempting to fix the chaos that befell the world when his plans went awry.


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