Willow Weir

    Location » Willow Weir appears in 15 issues.

    Willow Weir is a fictional place in Titan Comics' A1: The Weirding Willows.

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    The town of Willow Weir and the surrounding areas include;

    • Wild Woods - Center of town and where much of the activity in the weir goes on.
    • Victor Stoker's house - in the middle of the Wild Woods. It has been in the Stoker family for generations. Victor's father, Lewis Bellamy Stoker was mayor of the Weir and leader of the "Burrows Brigade" until the end of Worlds War 3.
    • Burrows - are the "portals" the animals use to get between the worlds.
    • The stone circles - are used to mark the points in the Weir where there are known portals and are guarded by the animals from the woods to make sure there is no unauthorized travel between the dimensions. They are the TSA of the Weir and are under the protection of the Great God Pan himself.
    • The home of Doctor Moreau - located on the outside of the Weir
    • Farmer McGregor's farm - is also located on the outside of the Weir although McGregor's lettuce and carrot patches are just inside and feed many of its inhabitants. Unfortunately McGregor isn't happy about this and many of those in the Weir have paid a hefty price to feed their families by ending up in his wife's pies.

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