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William Wesley was test-pilot and tech-jockey working for SHIELD at the time that the "Uranian Power Bands" were being examined by a team headed by Dr. Gilbert Vaughn on behalf of Stark International. Wesley was brought and asked to donn the matching pair of jewelled wrist-bands. As he did so and energy emission overtook him and he saw far away alien landscapes and felt an alien presense, but disregarded it as the after-effects of his late night eating habits.

Over the course of the next several hours he tested the Power-Bands basic functions and which each test was glowing with the energy of the Power Bands a little more... finally exsuasted Dr. Vaughn allowed Wesley to take a break and take the bands off. He placed his arms into the restraining clamps and the Bands refused to come off! Wesley panicked and exploded very much as the Crusader had years earlier while fighting the Fantastic Four

As everyone slowly recovered from the shock, the bands were re-collected into the restraining clamps, but it was in this moment of shock that A.I.M attacked. One of the scientists was a traitor and had signaled the terrorist cell that it was the time to strike and acquire the alien power-bracelets. Over fifty AIM robots led by an attack ship began to tear into the SHIELD agents. A SHIELD agent guarding the Bands who happened to be Dr. Vaughn's own son Wendell moved to protect his father. They both ducked down behind the console that held the bands in clamps and Dr. Vaughn informed his son that the bands were more important than the their lives, but was horrified as he watched his son put the bands on his own wrists to protect them.

The same energy emission that had afflicted William Wesley minutes earlier now affected Wendell Vaughn. He blinked away the vision and over the course of the next few minutes, using the directions he had heard his father give Wesley, he single-handedly defeated the AIM attack force, punctuating their defeat by cutting the AIM attack ship clean in half. By this time however, he was glowing as wildly as Wesley was before he died. In order to protect the scientists, his fellow agents, and his father, Wendell flew as high as he could to minimize the damage caused by his probable explosion. At the very edge of the atmosphere he calmed down and went with the flow of the energy currents and was astonished when the energy build-up dissipated. He had accidentally clued in on how to work the power-bands! Nick Fury arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and after getting briefed on what happened, he offered Wendell a new job. He became a founding member of the SHIELD Super-Agents.

Abilities of the Quantum Bands

The Quantum Bands
The Quantum Bands

Energy Manipulation: Primarily, the bands are tools for manipulating forms of energy. A bearer of the quantum-bands can affect, alter, absorb, and channel any form of energy found in the Electromagnetic spectrum, from Gamma Rays to Radio Waves, and this also includes visible light. Quasar once absorbed and released the entire energy output of a star, funneling the radiation, and nuclear fusion, passing entirely through the bands. So great is the bands ability to absorb and control energy that most other energy manipulators (The Presence, Jack of Hearts, Living Laser… etc.) cannot come close to overwhelming the bands, only truly powerful energy manipulators (Silver Surfer, Thanos, or Galactus… etc.) are capable of such a feat. The energy output of the bands is generally appears to be yellow in color, but since the bands have mastery of the entire EM spectrum, presumably a weilder could change the color of the energy at will. It is unknown why the energy seems to default to the yellow area of the visible band.

Energy Constructs
: The bands can construct anything the wearer can imagine from "Quantum energy". The more care the bearer takes in the creation of a construct, the stronger and more durable it is. A practiced bearer can alter the mass of the constructs so that they have the consistency of molasses or to be lighter than air. These constructs last indefinitely or until the bearer reabsorbs the construct into the Q-bands.

Flight: The bands allow the bearer to fly in atmosphere or in space (surrounding the wearer in an energy aura to protect from the vacuum of space), and can achieve incredible speeds (Quasar once flew from New York Harbor to the Sea of Tranquility in under 5 minutes), Quasar had been clocked at near light-speed on several occasions. Starhawk was estimated at "thrice lightspeed" by Eon's offspring Era.

: The Quantum-Bands also enable the bearer to "quantum-jump" or create apertures between the fabric of space/time of various sizes in the actual world of matter and energy and the potential world of matter and energy that is the quantum zone. He can then travel through this trackless featureless zone and emerge at a different point in our physical space light years away from his starting point only seconds later. His quantum-bands enable him to keep his bearings while in the zone and thus emerge where he wants to. He can cross countless light years in a single jump, (taking only seconds) if he so desires. Important note, however, he cannot quantum-jump within a planetary atmosphere without ripping a hole in its ozone layer unless he does so from within a construct like a large energy bubble. Quasar has on one occasion used his Quantum-jump ability to simultaniously send one Avengers Quinjet (upgraded for space travel) to Kree space within the Greater Magellanic Cloud; another to the Shi'ar galaxy.

Communications: The bands can detect, emit, and receive radio waves; thereby the bearer can communicate with other radio receivers. The bands can also create a “Quantum-link” which appears as a glowing golden sphere about 2 inches in diameter, which travels to the point of contact at warp speeds and connects with any communication device present allowing the bearer to carry on near-instantaneous communications even over extra-galactic distances.

Altered Metabolism: One previous bearer of the Quantum bands(Marvel Boy) has been known to be able to augment his strength and stamina to unknown limits with the Quantum-bands. Quasar himself rarely exibited this ability and only when it was needed. He once physically restrained She-Hulk by himself, whether this was a statement of his physical strength or her own restraint is unknown, though she seemed to struggle against him.

Mental Protection: Despite the fact that the Quantum-Bands have no control over the mind or Psionics, at least one previous bearer (Quasar) had "programed" the Bands to protect his mind for mental attacks and takeover. So powerful is this protection that powerful psychics, such as Moondragon or the Overmind could not overcome it.

Mental/Physical Bond: The Quantum Bands bond with their bearer upon contact interfacing with the bearer's mind allowing for mental control. Permanently affixing themselves generally to the bearer's wrists, the flesh and bone within rendered indestructible so long as the bond with the bands persists. The bond can only be broken upon the bearer's death, at which point the bands could be removed easily.

Worthiness: Similar to the hammer of Thor, a bearer of the Quantum-Bands must to be worthy. As the Quantum-Bands are tied to the station of the Protector of the Universe, the bands seem to require a calm mind lacking ‘killer instinct’ to learn to use them to their fullest potential. A bearer with the intent to commit acts of depravity and destruction will quickly find himself losing control of the energy output of the bands until they disintigrate him.

Magic: The Bands cannot absorb it or resist it. However, an enchanted physical object will only be as strong as the object itself would otherwise be. Therefore, Mjolnir will simply not shatter Quasar's forcefield like glass. Fortunately, magicians have no control over the energies he manipulates so, it evens out.

Extradimensional energy: Quasar is susceptible to all persons using Darkforce. His Q-bands cannot create constructs to hold or resist darkforce energy. The Darkforce penetrates his energy like it wasn't even there. Also entities from the Negative-Zone (such as Annihilus) can corrupt the bands if wearing them, rendering the worthiness clause nullified.

Kinetic Energy: The Quantum Bands have no defense against someone manipulating it psionically. (Which is why Maelstrom overwhelmed Quasar so easily to begin with), but a bearer can resist a kinetically imbued object (sich as a knife or a deck of cards) If a bearer of the Quantum Bands senses the attack they can throw up a shiled to defend themselves with.

Psionic energy: A psionic blast will cut through any quantum constructs like papier mache'. Fortunately, most psionic manipulators are susceptible to the energies of the Quantum-Bands, so it evens out.

Matter manipulation: Foes who manipulate matter, psionically or otherwise, the Quantum Bands cannot effect their powers. They deal with energy, not matter. The Molecule Man, Sersi, Phoenix, Her, and the Silver Surfer, among others, affect matter in a way that a bearer of the Q-bands cannot. However, Her, Sersi, and the Silver Surfer use cosmic energy to power their matter manipulation abilities and therefore a practiced bearer could affect the energy source, but not the ability itself.


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