William Watts

    Character » William Watts appears in 10 issues.

    A normal man brought into a world of fantasies through visions of peoples "other" selves.

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    William Watts was once a normal man of the age the of 43; a psychiatrist who confided himself to only watch never act. This stayed true till one fatefull day when he fell into a comma for three days. Violently awaking from his comma he had found that all was not normal. 
    Feeling as if he had spent a lifetime in another world; Watts had the odd sensation of deja vu everywhere he went. Visions of heroes such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, and Thor; appeared to him when meeting everyday ordinary people with an uncanny resemblance to the heroes. Struggling with his own sanity; he soon met a young Peter Parker who; bitten by a poisonous spider crippled his left hand. Had caught himself into corporate espionage, between Stark Industries and Oscorp. Later was confronted by a blind lawyer; Matt Murdock hoping he could aid him in proving his client Frank Castle's innocence. It was not till Watts was threatened by the amnesiac Logan at knife point, pleading his innocence of the murder of Charles Xavier; that he got truly involved. 
    It wasn't till the end of his adventure that Watts found himself truely loved getting involved. Pained to know that the adventure ended Watts went into his bathroom for a clean shave. Looking into the mirror he finds himself looking at his reflection that of Uatu the Watcher; razor blade in his palm he conceded to committing suicide.


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