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The son of an American mother and a German father, Will von Hammer was born in Germany and raised in the city of Bonn. His mother was a member of the American military, and the daughter of the American hero Stormy Foster. Little else is known about his early life or family. At some point he took up work as a private investigator in his native Bonn.   


Will von Hammer was created by James Robinson and Renato Guedes.   

Major Story Arcs

The Tourist  

von Hammer encounters Mon-El, who is travelling the world, in Germany. The pair become embroiled in a case involving the will of  a recently deceased millionaire albino dwarf. After von Hammer aids the hero in resolving the case, they part ways. 

The Shade 

von Hammer is hired by Darnell Caldecott, one of the Shade's descendants, to locate a sample of Shade's blood. He is unsuccessful, but quickly uncovers a conspiracy within the Caldecott organization which is attempting to have Shade killed. He passes on a warning to Shade, and soon finds himself under attack himself. He manages to escape numerous attempts on his life, culminating in an assault at the hands of the shadowy gangster Bete-Noire, whose attack is stopped by the intervention of the Shade. He is retained as a private investigator by Shade, who tasks him with travelling to England and uncovering further information about the Caldecotts

Powers and Abilities

von Hammer inherited enhanced strength and superhuman durability from his grandfather. He is a gifted armed and unarmed fighter, skilled marksman, and a competent gymnast. He is of average or above average intelligence, an expert investigator, and fluent in at least German and English.  

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