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Will Power™ is your typical teenage superhero powerhouse, with one exception, he’s not typical!

William Power is a high school football quarterback whose legend says he’ll become the greatest hero of all! The twist is young William never truly receives powers or gains tremendous strength. The secret to this living legends might lays in the mysterious truth that he doesn't become strong, it is the universe that becomes weak!

Interested? You should be. William Power, is the Big, gentle giant-boy, next door... and he's also the most powerful superhero to ever exist!

Will Power is truly an homage to the superhero archetypes of old, including everything from his iconic branding and fist-like logo, to his catch phrase: "Be POWERFUL!"

Will’s tale is one of self discovery and self belief! It's also a story of father/son connection and how love can make you a better person! Will continually learns the wonders of his uniqueness and what it is to truly be a hero. This is The Legend Of Will Power™


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