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    Doctor Will Magnus is a human scientist and creator of the Metal Men.

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    Will Magnus has an amazing intellect, having a good knowledge of mathematics, engineering, and physics. By a young age, he had already become a wealthy and respected inventor. He invested most of his money in his own research in robotics, and after a few years, had created a platinum robot that he called Tina. A responsometer inside of the robot gave it human characteristics. After the initial success of his works, he invented a whole team of metal robots powered by responsometers. They called themselves the Metal Men. The Metal Men called Will "Doc", and referred to him as their leader. However, Magnus found himself becoming more pressed into his work, and would spent days on end in his lab. After Gold, one of his robots, was killed and Doc Magnus was mortally wounded, he transferred his mind into a body made of an alien alloy called Veridium. In this form, he became the strongest of the Metal Men, able to absorb heat and energy. After Identity Crisis, the comic was revisited and Gold was restored to life and Magnus was put into a cloned body of his original. He suffered from depression and bipolar disorder later on, and took Prozac to cope with his work. He is abducted by a a robot that takes him to Oolong Island and T.O. Morrow tries to force him to create a larger version of his platinum robot. However, his medication is confiscated and he begins to unravel. He manages to steal some gold, mercury, tin, and platinum from around his lab and constructs new Metal Men, but they were only a few inches high. These "Metal Men" help keep Magnus sane, and he eventually gets out of Oolong Island. He returns to his home a start fixing his original Metal Men, having found that they keep his misery and depression at bay. in 2008 the Metal Men had there own series from 2008 to 2009. It talked about a flashback of his love and science to make the Metal Man in the 1960's and his girlfriend he had it was back and forth story and also worryred about his Metal Man and his life. it turned out it was his brouther was runing his life and he and his Metal Men won a battle with the Gas Gang and his brouther was turned in to metal in a lava pit and he had to leave his girlfriend and life behind. Dr Magnus was seen in the Doom Patrol series in 2009 they had to move out of Los Angels to Illnois by the goverment laws of his Metal Men. The people of Illnois did not like him of his Metal Men ther where trobble. His Metal Men where anoying to people and they help people. Dr. Will Magnus also wanted to get them a car to drive but they did not passed there test and Dr. Magnus gave them a effert for trying. After a all the strange things that happened some one wanted to kill his Metal Man it was a tv actor that went crazy who was in shock that these robots watch his tv show and it was there favoraite show to watch and he planted a bomb in there house and the DR. Magnus and his Metal Men wher coming home after fighting lady robots there house exploded the actor set off the bomb off by mistake and was killed and the Metal Man and Dr. Magnus have to move somewhere else to live now. In 2010 the Metal Men where seen in Justice League of America fighting to break a wall from Green Lantern power ring in Washington DC at the capital hill. They where called by Dr. Magnus because they needed heavy hitter to break the wall to save the Justice League of America new members on the team.

    New 52

    In 2011 DC Comics relaunched all their comic books. It was revealed in Aquaman #16 that Dr. Magnus is infact making them, hinting a later reveal, which meant they could not help when Atlantis attacked the surface world. After the war with Atlantis and after various heroes was recruited one of Dr. Magnus' Metal Men can be seen as a possible recruit in the Watchtower, Platinum. Though she malfunctioned and was not turned off until Atom could turn her off. Though Dr. Magnus was never fully introduced in that issue, he did appear, covering his face, on panel.

    Other Media


    Justice League: Frontier

    Dr. Will Magnus was seen in Justice League: New Frontier animated movie. The plot takes place in the ending of the 1950's -1959. The Centre was delineating the Earth the DC superheroes gathered as a team to take down the Centre and they did. The Metal Men were not in the movie because they were not introduced until 1962 - 3 years later. The Metal Men were seen at the end of the series.


    Batman: The Brave And The Bold

    Dr. Will Magus was also seen with his Metal Men team fighting and saving people and the World that is in need for help to fight off the Gas Gang robots.


    Dr. Will Magnus is mentioned on episode 19 of Arrow's seventh season. Felicity Smoak and her company's CTO, Alena Whitlock, are discussing a very important investor in their company- Will Magnus. Dr. Magnus is a very well known and respected person in the scientific realm. Dr. Magnus' field is mentioned as being "robotics engineering"


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