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     An exceptional gymnast, Tamika Bowden was under consideration for the Olympics when she lost the use of her legs due to gym equipment sabotage ordered by gangster Big John Buscelli in retaliation for her father Dennis's refusal to join his criminal organization. Dennis, a former Hydra weapon designer, created an exoskeleton to allow her to regain her strength, speed and agility. Dedicating herself to toppling Buscelli's criminal empire, Tamika, as Wildstreak, accompanied her father in undermining Buscelli's activities wherever she could find them. One lead brought them to Florida, where she worked alongside the Thing and Psi-Lord against Dreadface, an alien menace allied with Busclli's rival Manny King. Back in New York, she subsequently worked with demi-god Thunderstrike in exposing one of Busclli's gun smuggling operations, although their efforts were disrupted by a more murderous criminal opponent, Sangre
    Civil War
    Following the passage of the Superhuman Registration Act, Wildstreak, unwilling to potentially limit her ability to investigate Buscelli's operations and uncertain if she qualified due to the artificial nature of her powers, was one of dozens of super heroes who refused to register. She and other registration violators were apprehended by Iron Man and Spider-Man. S.H.I.E.L.D. authorities deemed it unnecessarily cruel to again render her paraplegic by removing her exoskeleton, so she was to be imprisoned while still wearing it, its powers dampened like the natural superhuman abilities of others. However, prior to begin transported to Negative Zone Prison Alpha by Mr. Fantastic, she escaped with the assistance of the Invisible Woman and remains at large. 
    Powers & Abilities:  
    While wearing her exoskeleton, Wildstreak possesses enhanced Class 10 strength and speed. As a former professional gymnast, she has been trained as a remarkable acrobat and athlete, skills also augmented by the exoskeleton. 


    Wildstreak's exoskeleton is powered by an internal energy source requiring periodic recharge. She can temporarily increase her physical augmentation at the cost of additional energy expenditure.

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