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    WildStorm Productions was a founding studio at Image Comics before becoming an imprint of DC Comics in 1999. It started in 1992 by a team of comic creators - Jim Lee chiefly among them. It closed in 2010.

    Wildstorm Armageddon

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    #1  Edited By danhimself

    i've been away from the wildstorm universe for awhile but just got back in with the new gen 13 series can anyone fill me in on the Armageddon and Revelations storylines? and i don't mind spoilers at all

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    #2  Edited By BuckshotWasHere  Moderator

    In Armageddon, which was a series of one shots starring several different WSU heroes, people were sent to the future to stop the end of the world from happening. The Void selected Midnighter, Fairchild, Nemesis, Maximum Man, Dane, and the leader of the PHD team, to go to the future to find out what happened so they could use that info (in their times) to prevent the disaster. Only Nemesis was able to get any usable information and that was basically that a ton of SPBs appeared and started causing trouble and that jacked up the world. That's pretty much Armageddon in a nutshell.

    Revelations was a mini about Nemesis, Savant, and Jet (Backlash's daughter). Nemesis came back from the future and teamed up with these two to find info about the SPBs that end up ruining the world so they could stop them. To do that they went on a tour of the current WSU, messing with The Authority, visiting Tranquility, bothering IO and the Wildcats and whoever else they ran into. They eventually find a bunker that's cloning SPBs (all the clones seem to be from The High) and they destroy it. The world looks safe but Nemesis wakes up screaming and we see that more High clones are encircling the planet. That's Revelations.

    The next bit is Number of the Beast and it follows, but not directly. That book is about The Paladins and probably The High.

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