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    The Hero of the Future

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     the origin story of WildStar. It's arc revolves around a time loop that causes a "future" Michael Gabriel to keep repeating a section of time, and his mistakes.

    This future WildStar Character, Michael Gabriel, comes back in time to the "present" to stop this loop from endlessly reoccurring but his involvement is the actual reason the loop exists. Then an unseen force steps in and causes even more chaos. This time he gives himself the WildStar.

    The WildStar is actually a weapon, an alien symbiote of the insentient race the K'l Vann, that bonds with a host to become a distinct and integral part of the host's metabolism. It connects directly to the body functions that control glands and other bodily processes that chemically influence behavior. The symbiote then "eats" the body chemicals that result from the host's "negative," less-evolved more bestial emotions.

    The host in turn is powered by the parasite's alien chemistry resulting in its wearer being given superhuman strength, the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and invulnerability all due to the symbiotic parasite and the exo-membrane that it "grows" on the host's epidermis. It's most devastating weapon in its alien arsenal is a force blast that is discharged by the wearer short-circuiting the symbiote membrane's bio-circuit epidermis.

    The original wearer of the symbiote parasite was BloodStar. She was an barbaric alien warrior used by another alien race, the Ra'Zplarr, to carry out their otherworldly pursuits, including invading the Earth of the future to look for a certain "special" something seemingly endemic to certain Earth occupants. 
    Micky Gabriel's reluctant association with the WildStar symbiote that contains the memories of a ravaged future Earth. The series reveals more on the Earth's bastard future history. Wildstar has battled Savage Dragon and many other Image heroes while trying to prevent the future where he comes from. He is now calling himself SoulStar, when he appears to Dragon.


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