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    The Wildebeest Society was a criminal cartel who conducted various underhanded affairs for financial gain. Although the Society was made up of many members, only one Wildebeest ever operated publicly, giving the illusion that all of their crimes were being committed by a single individual.

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    The original Wildebeest was an unrevealed supervillain who set up the Wildebeest Society; a supervillain team in which only one villain operated at a time, wearing the same exo-suit and calling himself the Wildebeest.  The thinking behind this was that there would appear to be one villain, but his Modus Operandi  would seem to change with each crime, making his moves impossible to predict.  The Wildebeests were all master tacticians and wore exoskeletons that boosted their strength, resembling a monstrous, humanoid version of the animal of that name.

    The Wildebeest Society was taken over by Teen Titan member Jericho, who had been possessed by the evil in Raven's people.  Under his leadership, it became involved in genetic engineering, trying to create the perfect host body for the force.  They created a cat-woman named Pantha, and were in the process of creating a creature of the same form as their monstrous costumes when they were defeated by the Titans.  Jericho's father Deathstroke was forced to kill his son to stop the Souls of Azarath.

    Some of the scientists that worked for the Wildebeest Society used to be members of the first incarnation of the H.I.V.E.

    Baby Wildebeest

    The Baby Wildebeest the society had created attached itself to Pantha, much to her initial disgust, and considered her his mother.  Although the size of a human toddler, he had disproportionately powerful strength.  He later demonstrated the ability to gain adult form to protect its "Momma".  Pantha originally didn't like the creature, often talking about various ways Baby could or would die.  Her attitude softened as Wildebeest stayed with the team.

    During a Titans vacation to California, Baby Wildebeest and the other Titans had time to visit the beach.  While the others were distracted, he built a gigantic sandcastle, with intricate shapes and molding, resembling a cathedral.

    When Pantha left the Titans, she took Baby Wildebeest with her and later, along with former Titan Red Star, the three formed an unusual family unit.

    Baby Wildebeest would participate in the battle to save his old friend Cyborg, whose magnified power levels threatened the entire Earth.  A series of misunderstandings led to the Titans allies attacking the Justice League of America.  Baby Wildebeest was knocked out by Superman.

    Later, Superboy-Prime was confronted by a team of Titans, including Wildebeest and Pantha, on a highway outside of Keystone City.  Superboy-Prime, mentally ill, kills Pantha with a blow to the head.  Baby Wildebeest attacks and is killed instantly by a heat vision blast through his torso.  Red Star survives the battle to mourn his unofficial family.

    Baby Wildebeest returned as a Black Lantern in the Blackest Night crossover.

    Other Wildebeests

    The New Wildebeests were creations of Goth and the Titans battled them. These versions of Wildebeest were man-beast looking once their masks are removed.  Another group of Wildebeests were encountered by Beast Boy, Flamebird, and the DEO orphans only to be discovered working with an elderly gentlemen to keep the peace in his neighborhood.

    Cyborg Revenge Squad

    Starfire and Robin were abducted by a Cybernetic Wildebeest and the Teen Titans and Outsiders had to save them.  When the Cybernetic Wildebeest was defeated, they shipped it to S.T.A.R. Labs for it to be studied and tested.  Unfortunately, a shadowy character intercepted the transport containing the Cybernetic Wildebeest to recreate the Wildebeests for an unknown purpose.

    This figure is revealed to be Mr. Orr, the creator of the cyborg villain Equus.  The Titans are forced to fight numerous clones of Equus and the Wildebeest to prevent them from helping Vic Stone against Orr's "Cyborg Revenge Squad".

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