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    The WildC.A.T.s (Covert Action Teams) were founded by Jacob Marlowe, aka Lord Emp, to battle the Daemonite infiltration of Earth. Bringing together the Kherubim halfbreeds from around the world, and training them to stop Helspont and his race from taking dominion over the planet.

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    In the first volume of Wild C.A.T.S Jacob Marlowe, the Kherubim immortal known as Lord Emp, is saved by Void because he is destined to save the world. Acquiring great wealth, Marlowe personally funds the Wild C.A.T.S, a team comprised of his bio-synthetic field commander, Spartan and various Kherubim half-breeds. The team initially consists of Spartan, Void, Warblade, Maul. They are joined by Voodoo, Zealot and Grifter almost immediately and are challenged by Helspont and his Cabal.

    Eons ago two ships carrying Kherubim and Daemonites became stranded on Earth after a space battle and have secretly lived on Earth. Throughout the ages the two races have waged a secret war, the Kherubim trying to live peacefully while the Daemonites seek to conquer this new world.


    Image Universe

    WildC.A.T.S: Covert Action Teams


    In the first 4 issues, the WildC.A.T.S had accomplished the goals they were created for. They stopped Helspont and destroyed the orb. With this done they start doing missions that mainly involve finding Daemonites and killing them. Their first mission after beating the Cabal brings them in contact with the characters of Cyber Force. For nearly the entire (6 issue) crossover, the teams fought each other thanks to Misery, the real enemy, who had been playing the sides against one another. Warblade killed Misery and the teams worked things out. The WildC.A.T.S tried to take a vacation after all this but the cruise ship Voodoo, Spartan, and Emp were on disappeared. When the rest of the team went to save them, they discovered that another Kherubim was responsible. Lord Entropy had taken the ship, but the WildC.A.T.S arrived in time to defeat him and rescue their teammates. When he found out Entropy was his own brother, Emp quit the team for a while. Since Voodoo hadn’t been able to protect herself when she had been kidnapped, Zealot decided to train her in the ways of the Coda. As she was training her, a space ship crashed close by and Zealot met Huntsman and Miranda Tai. They had traveled across dimensions to escape an alien enemy. In the past Emp had promised their leader, Alabaster Wu, that Earth would be a safe place for them, so they had come.

    One of the aliens possessed Voodoo and took her to Tapestry, an enemy of Zealot. Zealot, Huntsman and Miranda went to fight Tapestry. The rest of the WildC.A.T.S got involved with the fight, going up against the Troika, mercenaries that Tapestry had hired. Savant and Mr. Majestic came in as back up. Zealot beat Tapestry, Emp rejoined the group and Savant and Majestic left until they were needed again. The group was next attacked by the Black Razors, government funded super cops with lots of technology. The Black Razors were there to kill Maul, who had been replaced by an enemy trying to kill Emp.

    After this was sorted out and the enemy was killed, the group had to find the real Maul. They found him lying unconscious in the Stormwatch base and teleported him away without explaining themselves to the other team. It was at the end of this adventure that Voodoo discovered that she was half-Daemonite.

    WildC.A.T.s Team 2
    WildC.A.T.s Team 2

    Following this, the WildC.A.T.S attacked Hightower and a whole army of Coda warriors. This attack was the beginning of “Wildstorm Rising”, a crossover event that included most of the Image titles at the time. From talking to Hightower the Wild C.A.T.S found out about a spaceship that other Daemonites were after, so they and other super groups went after the ship. The Wild C.A.T.S (except for Grifter) took the ship and went to Khera, the Kherubim home planet. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Savant and Mr. Majestic made a new Wild C.A.T.S team. They recruited Tao, Condition Red and Ladytron. Majestic lead the team in battle but Savant determined who they would go after. Unfortunately, she was being manipulated by Tao, who was maneuvering the new Wild C.A.T.S into starting a Gang War. The original group returned right as the crime war was taking off, but they couldn’t stop to help their replacements. Grifter took the team (not including Voodoo and Emp who had left after what took place on Khera) to Gamorra to help Deathblow and Gen 13.

    Majestic followed them when he saw the face of the man behind the problems in Gamorra. It was the face of his friend John Colt, a Kherubim he’d been forced to kill during their short time as members of Team 1. His Kherubim body had survived and grown evil so Majestic had to kill him again, this time blasting him to ash. The team returned and now both WildC.A.T.s groups were fighting in the crime war. When everyone found out that Tao was behind it all and went after him, most of the team was defeated by his intellect, mind control and other skills. He fought Ladytron and pulled out the part of her that kept her nuclear power system in check so Majestic had to cut her in half and take her core to space where it blew up.

    He survived the nuclear explosion and came back just as Tao was about to take out the rest of the team. He killed Tao and the WildC.A.T.S ended the war. (It gets revealed at the end of the first volume that Tao had “convinced” the shape shifting Mister White to stand in for him and die in his place.) After the crime war the other WildC.A.T.s told the new team what had happened on Khera.

    They said that the war was over and that Earth had to fend for itself. Several of the members (Emp and Zealot in particular) had done things they weren’t proud of on Khera, like abandoning their friends and turning against one another. The team was fractured after this, but the gang war had pulled them back together, mostly. While the group was figuring out what they should do now that the Daemonite war wasn’t so serious, they were attacked by a Kherubim-hunter named Crusade. He was an enhanced human who was stronger and smarter than he appeared.

    He was able to go head-to-head with both groups of Wild C.A.T.S. Savant beat him by messing with his head like Tao used to, and while he was out cold Zealot tried to kill him but Majestic stopped her. After this little episode, Savant and Majestic left the team and Ladytron joined the Church of Gort and left as well. With Condition Red injured and missing and Tao presumed dead, the new Wild C.A.T.S were all gone and the original group was back. The last big event of the first volume was a time traveling adventure. The Puritans, a group of humans dedicated to ridding the Earth of all alien life and influence were planning to go back in time and destroy the Kherubim and Daemonite ships before they landed on Earth.

    The C.A.T.S tried to stop them before they left, enlisting the aid of several people, including Condition Red and Mythos. Emp, Warblade and Maul were already being held in the Puritan base, but the team saved them. Some of the Puritans were able to get into the time machine, so Condition Red (going by Max now), Mythos, Void, Spartan, Grifter, Olympia and Sister Eve went after them. They traveled back to when the Kherubim and Daemonites first came to Earth, making stops and meeting friends and enemies along the way. By the time they reached their final destination, only Grifter, Max, Mythos and Spartan were still alive.

    They were able to stop the Puritans and took their devices so they could get back to their time and the Puritans (who were still alive) couldn’t. Max used one device to save Olympia from when she had died and bring her back to the present. When he got back, he was killed by a mysterious woman, but everyone else made it. The Wild C.A.T.S had saved the past and the present.



    The second incarnation of the Wildcats was very different from the first and was preparation for the third. Several team members were missing from the very beginning and new members were added. Some characters got new looks and others died. The team changed from the old covert action team to a new organization, the corporation that would be the main focus of the third volume. The first issue had Grifter and Spartan working to uncover a stolen Kherubim weapon of great power. They met Noir, an arms dealer that became part of their team thanks to his intelligence and technical skills. A very different Lord Emp now leads the team. His new state was part of a plan to ascend and become something like a god. He also revealed the teams new enemy, Kenyan, an evil immortal with enough stolen alien technology to destroy the world. The story behind Kenyan and his relationship with Emp was the driving force behind most the things that the new team did. The next issue is about Maul and Voodoo, two members of the old team that weren’t really part of the new team but still had their own adventures. The two were living together while Maul was secretly trying to find a way to remove the Daemonite part of Voodoo so she could be 100% human. It’s during this that it’s shown that Maul can increase his intelligence by shrinking instead of just losing it as he grows bigger.

    There was also a Daemonite following Voodoo but that didn’t get addressed until much later. C. C. Rendozzo was introduced when she kidnapped Maul to get him to work for her. Maul and Voodoo stayed with her for a while but eventually went back home. The next few issues had the Wildcats (Spartan, Noir, Grifter and Emp) trying to get to Kenyan as well as a single issue where Kenyan was introduced and told a little about what happened between volumes one and two.

    He revealed that Zealot was killed and Warblade was on a private mission. (Zealot wasn’t really dead, just killing Coda warriors in secret, and Warblade was hunting Pike.) Emp went off alone to meet Kenyan and the team tried to track him down. They didn’t know that he needed to be killed in order to ascend and he wanted Kenyan to kill him since the one who kills him dies in the process. The team found them both but Kenyan went crazy and killed himself. With no one to kill him (since no one can do it without dying) Emp turned to Spartan. Spartan killed Emp and his android body kept him alive. After that the team took a break for a while and Grifter found, saved and came back with Ladytron. Spartan had inherited all of Emp’s money when he “died” and was using all of it to start a company, the Halo Corporation.

    He also got a less human version of Void to work for him when she gave up her soul in issue 13. The next arc had a super powered killer go after Spartan (who had now changed his name to Jack Marlowe). Unfortunately, the killer met Voodoo and Maul before he found Spartan. He blinded Maul and cut Voodoo’s legs off. He also destroyed Ladytron. Grifter and Spartan dealt with the attacker but his appearance led to the addition of Agent Wax to the Wildcats team. Agent Orange was the next threat to the team. Maul (now healed) had been doing something illegal so the FBI had sent Agent Orange to deal with him. Grifter helped him out before going on his own little kill-fest with Zealot.

    Voodoo learned of some Daemonite powers she had never known about when the Daemonite that had been following her came to her room. She learned to stop time as well as heal herself, growing her legs back in a short time. Before long, Noir grew tired of working with Spartan and decided to use some technology Spartan had come up with to make money. He designed a battery that would work forever thanks to another a power source from another dimension that Spartan found. To use the source however, he had to get rid of Spartan. He rebuilt Ladytron to kill Spartan but she couldn’t kill him. Spartan killed Noir and used his idea to create an everlasting battery that would become the foundation of the Halo Corporation.

    Wildcats Version 3.0

    WildCats Version 3.0
    WildCats Version 3.0

    In the third volume of Wildcats, the team had officially become a business and not a fighting team. Spartan was sporting the new look he had picked up in the second volume and was publically going by Jack Marlowe, head of the Halo Corporation. The Halo Corporation was the tool Jack used to realize his dream of a better world. In almost every issue of Wildcats 3.0 the Halo Corporation came out with another product that would make the world a better place and bring people closer together. Batteries that lasted forever, cars that ran without gas and computers that would never need to be upgraded, replaced or even plugged in were just some of the products of the Halo Corporation. The newest version of the team was made up of Jack Marlowe (Spartan), Grifter, Agent Wax and Mr. Dolby. Aside from Grifter, who still liked to engage in a little violence (sometimes taking Wax with him), the team worked mostly in the offices of the Halo Corporation building, planning ways to better the company and increase it's influence. The only enemy of the Wildcats (at least in the beginning) was the government. They feared the Halo Corporation because it threatened to change the world, fortunately there was nothing they could do to stop Spartan.

    While Spartan dealt with branding his products, merchandising and sabotage, Grifter and Agent Wax were investigating other things. They quickly crossed paths with C. C. Rendozzo, a violent and wealthy information broker. They ended up working with her in her efforts to find her son, and as a result, came into contact with Agent Orange (an old enemy) and the Nuclear Family (a new one). Grifter ended up having both of his legs destroyed, which would leave him in a wheelchair for the rest of the volume. (Don't think for a minute though that a little thing like broken legs kept Grifter out of battle for long.) After the failed team up with Rendozzo and her men, Grifter and Wax went back to the Halo Corporation's offices where Grifter found out that Jack was holding on to Agent Orange, the guy who had crippled him, and keeping him not only alive, but in the building where they worked. Rendozzo came to Jack ready to blackmail him if he wouldn't help her get her son back from the FBI. Her son's father had taken him and was training him to be a ruthless monster that would work for the FBI, and she wanted him back.

    Two things started happening at the same time; Agent Wax got demoted (at his real job where Jack had him working undercover) and started having sex with his boss' wife to get revenge, and Grifter started grooming Mr. Dolby to be a temporary replacement for himself. Dolby's training started before he knew what was going on, when Grifter had the Beef Boys work Dolby over in his apartment one night. The next day Grifter told Dolby that he wanted to train him and Dolby almost shot him in the face for what he'd had done to him. Instead, he agreed and started training for real at Grifter's side. Jack knew Grifter was training Dolby so he had Grifter organize the Beef Boys and Mr. Dolby so they could go save Rendozzo's son.

    The attack on FBI headquarters was a success, but Dolby shot a man in the face and when they got back to the Halo Corporation, he quit. Wax's story, which had been going on quietly in the background didn't end much better. His boss caught him with his wife and almost killed him. Wax's quick thinking saved him. He got his boss to kill himself, then used his hypnosis powers to make everyone he worked with think he was the boss, giving him control over the National Park Service (which was really an organization that hunted down super powered beings). Jack got Mr. Dolby back to work in time for the next story arc. Zealot, who had been killing her way through hordes of Coda warriors, was back on the scene.

    She had FBI agents following the bodies she left behind and trying to stop her. The FBI had a secret weapon they were going to use if they ever caught her, Agent Orange. Jack had reprogrammed Orange and gave him back to the FBI. They thought he was working for them, but in reality, Jack was in control and now had his own spy right under the nose of the FBI. While Zealot was killing Coda, Grifter had one of Rendozzo's smartest guys do some work on Ladytron's body. He had it altered so he could pilot it from the Halo Corporation.

    The Zealot/Coda war finally peaked and the Coda sent Sarin, their best assassin, after Zealot. In the battle that ensued, the FBI (and Agent Orange) finally caught up with her. The whole fight ended with Sarin taking every one of them back to the Coda base. When Grifter got news of this, he organized a special team consisting of Mr. Dolby, the Beef Boys, C. C. Rendozzo and some of her men. This team was led by Grifter in the body of Ladytron. The group went after Zealot, killing armies of Coda along the way. Meanwhile, back at the office, a telepathic assassin had been sent to kill Jack Marlowe. It wasn't even a threat though, Jack just threw the attacker into Otherspace.

    Grifter's team finally made it to the Coda base and the real battle began. They fought countless Coda warriors and were so overwhelmed that they couldn't even make it to the entrance of the hideout. Fortunately, Jack's inside man was able to help out. Agent Orange started taking down the Coda from within. He got Zealot to Grifter before the entire base was destroyed. One of the kidnapped FBI agents had found the armory and set off every bomb she could get her hands on. The mountain and all the Coda in it were destroyed.

    All of Grifter's team (except for one of the Beef Boys who had already died) were teleported to safety by Jack Marlowe. He had been watching everything as it took place but didn't interfere. With the Coda gone and no one left for Grifter to fight, Jack was ready to take the Wildcats and the Halo Corporation in a new direction.

    Worldstorm Universe

    Wildcats v4

    WildCats (Worldstorm Universe)
    WildCats (Worldstorm Universe)

    In a (failed) soft reboot of the Wildstorm Universe, the Wildcats team was split up and some members were never shown. Time had passed since 3.0 and Jack Marlowe and the Halo Corporation had become even more powerful. Jack worked from a space station orbiting the planet, and his newest technology had changed life on Earth. The household Spartan was a robot designed after himself that was family friendly and could be used by anyone, so everyone had one. Grifter had apparently left the team, and lived on the streets. Zealot was on what looked like another planet with Mr. Majestic, fighting their old enemy, the Daemonites, which were heading for Earth. Warblade was spying on Kaizen Gamorra and informing Spartan of his presence and possible plans. No other members from any other incarnation were present except for Voodoo, who visited Jack in the first issue. The events in this section are now considered out of continuity as only one issue was published due to Grant Morrison & Jim Lee's other obligations.

    Post-Worldstorm Universe

    World's End

    WildCats (World's End)
    WildCats (World's End)

    Because of actions taken by Nemesis orchestrated (unbeknownst to her) by the Wildcats old friend Tao, the world all but ended. The moon was destroyed, the Earth's orbit shifted, most of the planet's technology was obliterated, many heroes were missing, more SPBs than ever had appeared, and the Wildcats were only slightly better off than the rest of the world. The team was hit hard and the only reason they had a foothold in the world was because of the Halo batteries from 3.0. When most of the technology went out the energy in the batteries that could run forever kept the Halo building functioning. It was damaged, but it still worked so the Wildcats kept it as a base and shelter for whatever people they could find in the outside world. They couldn't get any more power though because the energy only worked around the Halo building and they couldn't just go get more since Jack Marlowe's Void powers were the only way to get to the dimension where it came from and Jack wasn't Jack anymore. He'd lost his Void powers when a new Void was born (Captain Atom: Armageddon) and his more advanced robotic abilities had been lost during World's End as a result of a particularly destructive EMP in his vicinity.

    He changed his name back to Hadrian (or Spartan) and was in an even worse state than he was at the beginning of Wildcats. He was back in his old body but the drastic shift from being practically a god to a robot really messed with his head and he no longer considers himself the leader of the team. The rest of the Wildcats were better off than Spartan. Other than Spartan this incarnation of the team consisted of originals Grifter, Maul (usually in his smallest form in order to be smart enough to work on the problems at hand), Warblade, Zealot and Voodoo as well as Ladytron (rebuilt again into a body similar to her original), Jet and Nemesis.

    Other than scavenging for resources, trying to fix the rest of their tech, rescuing humans and dealing with bad SPBs, the team's biggest problem was former ally Majestic. For some reason the end of the world made him want to recreate Khera on Earth. He decided to do so in Hawaii and he frequently performed raids on the Halo building to take some of their technology and some humans that he said he could protect in Hawaii.

    Other Media


    WildC.A.T.s (1994 TV Series)

    No Caption Provided

    When billionaire financier Jacob Marlowe learned from Void about the centuries-old Kherubim/Daemonite conflict and the continued Daemonite threat to his planet, he put a considerable part of his fortune behind a secret superhero group- a Covert Action Team, he called WildC.A.T.s. After gathering skilled Kherubim warriors Spartan and Zealot and her human friend Grifter, he sought out the Crossbreeds, people whose parentage was human and Kherubim and who were granted special powers by the mix.

    This group included Voodoo, Maul, and finally Warblade. With Void at their side providing information and guidance, they went into action against Daemonite Lord Helspont, thwarting his nefarious schemes at every turn.


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