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The Cats uncover a conspiracy on Khera to murder Zealot and Marlowe, and their deaths will be blamed on the Titans. Can they save their friends and stop this madness or is it already too late? "Earth!" Story by Alan Moore. Art by Dave Johnson and Dexter Vines. Back on Earth, the mob decides it's time to rub out Max Cash. But they soon realize that is a task easier said than done. Especially when Maxine Manchester a.k.a. Ladytron is on the scene.                              

Lord Emp and Zealot are in the Senate, in opposition, running for their political party. Maul is in attendance with his love interest, Glingo, and the others to hear the delegates speeches. Meanwhile, Voodoo brings the body of a recuperating Spartan to Warblade and Void, explaining what occurred to him and how he has lost his memory. Thankfully, they meet someone who could fix Spartan up and he does. Void teleports them to the Senate, to stop the Coda's conspiracy in killing both Zealot and Lord Emp, making Zealot a martyr for the Coda cause as well as blaming the Titans for the bombing. Glingo, learning about the treachery against the Titans, decides to grab the bomb and sacrifices her life so that there wouldn't be war. Lord Emp realizes what's going on and decides to leave the planet of Khera with his friends. Meanwhile, on Earth, Tony Twist's mobsters try to kill Condition Red, but they fail, thanks to the appearance of Ladytron.

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