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    Volume » Published by Fleetway. Started in 1988.

    Wildcat was a UK comics anthology that ran between 1988 and 1989 when it merged with Eagle.

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    Wildcat was published by Fleetway from 22 October 1988 to 25 March 1989. There was also a mini preview comic given away free with 2000AD, Eagle and Whizzer and Chips the week before the launch that introduced the concept, story and characters.

    After predicting the destruction of Earth by a vast meteor shower, Turbo Jones set about building the spaceship Wildcat with the help of his three chosen 'second-in-command' - Loner, Kitten Magee and Joe Alien. With their help (and finance), the ship is built in three years and blasts off in to space, searching for a new home for the Earth orphans. Each of the stories in Wildcat focused on Turbo Jones and his expedition leaders as they explored different planets, looking for a suitable new home.

    Despite being promoted by Tharg in the pages of 2000AD the comic only lasted 12 issues before it merged with the Eagle (two weeks after the final issue) from issue 368 (cover dated 8 April 1989). All four main stories continued in Eagle, on a rotating basis.

    Following its cancellation, two specials followed, both in 1989 - a Wildcat Holiday Special and a Wildcat Winter Special.

    Two of the Wildcat characters had their stories reprinted by Fleetway Quality. Firstly a seven-issue Loner series was published in 1990 to 1991 (which reprinted all the Loner stories from Wildcat and Eagle) and finally a Turbo Jones: Pathfinder one-shot with a new Dave Dorman painted cover was released in 1991.


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