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This page is for the original Wild Thing, Nikki Doyle .

For the current Wild Thing, see: Rina Logan


Nikki is the Grandaughter of Wolverine in a virtual reality obsessed world known as Earth 8410. This Wild Thing fought to destroy a virtual drug more addictive than heroin in her time and reality.


Wild Thing was created by Simon Jowett and Duke Mighten. Her namesake is unrelated to Rina Logan, as in Earth-8410, Rina never existed. Nikki actually appeared in a UK Marvel title in 1993, well before Rina was ever introduced. Nikki's ultimate fate is unknown.

Major Story Arcs

A new Fighter

Wild Thing (Earth 8410)
Wild Thing (Earth 8410)

Her primary enemies were virtual reality versions of Venom, Carnage, and the Sinister Six. Aside Wolverine, it was never made clear who her parents or grandmother were, and it is unlikely it ever will be. The only thing the two Wild Things actually share in common is that they are both relatives of Wolverine from alternate futures.

Powers and Abilities


Nikki's primary ability is to access/enter virtual reality games and even cyberspace itself; she can interact/synchronize with these environments, altering their programs, and she can alter her own archetype, granting it certain abilities to overcome various assaults. She can also access and utilize loopholes in the game or its programming. Her cyberspace archetype wore wrist blasters. Injuries occurring to her archetype in cyberspace were mirrored on her real body back on Earth. She was usually assisted by computer expert Liddel, who used a "tether" to anchor her to reality, so that he could pull her out if she got in over her head.

Other Versions

Other Media


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