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    Albecht von Mannheim is one of the few heroes based heavily in Germanic/Scandinavian mythos.

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    The reincarnation of a Germanic warrior, Albrecht von Mannheim became the modern Wild Huntsman to fight evil in Germany.


    Wild Huntsman was created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Romeo Tanghal, first appearing in Super Friends #45. (1981)

    Major Story Arcs

    Smasher of Crime
    Smasher of Crime

    He is a reincarnation of a German warrior. His first known mission was helping the Wonder Twins find a villain. Offered membership to the international team of heroes known as the Global Guardians the Huntsman finds new adventure and comradery.

    He was later brainwashed by the Queen Bee of Bialya along with his allies Rising Sun and Tuatara. They attack a new Nazi stronghold. The brainwashed Wild Huntsman battle Animal and Captain Atom. In the ensuing battle, he was beaten and slipped into a coma. He later woke up in Belle Reve and rejoined his teammates.

    The ancient villain named Fain Y'onia attacks members of the Guardian's they by draining the powers of others, killing Bushmaster while attempting to drain his powers. The Wild Huntsman than unites along a few other members of the Global Guardians and ambushes Fain in the Arizona Desert. During the battle, Tuatara is injured and Thunderlord is slain. Both Fain Y'onia and the Wild Huntsman vanish from reality.

    The Wild Hunstman would later reappear soon after the battle with Fain Y'onia. He would come into conflict with the one time boy wonder the red Robin while guarding a museum from his burglary attempt.

    Powers and Abilities

    Albrecht von Mannheim has superhuman strength of unknown levels, his body is also capable of withstanding great blows mostly in part due to his dense muscle tissue which explains his durability.

    Weapons and Paraphernalia

    The Huntsman uses an arsenal of magical weapons such as his Magical Axe, sword, and shield.

    He has a black steed named Orkan and a dog named Donnerschlag.

    Other Versions

    Another man bearing no resemblance to the original Wild Huntsman defeating them and transforming them into hounds. Later, Rex the Wonder Dog transforms into hound to infiltrate and help Blue Devil defeat the Homo Magi army. This Wild Huntsman appeared in the series Shadowpact #6 (December 2006).


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