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    Former star athlete and Marine, Jack Wheeler was an auto mechanic and student due to be married to his girlfriend, Claire. He turned to vigilantism when she was murdered because of her secret mob ties. Wearing the laughing red dog of his college team on his chest, he took the name Wild Dog.

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    Born in Quad Cities, Iowa, Jack Wheeler was a former star collegiate football player whose budding career was destroyed by an untimely injury. He dropped out of college after this, disheartened and unable to afford his course. After this, he joined the Marine Corps, serving a tour of duty. He returned home, and went back to college education, attending night classes. He met a woman called Claire Smith and they became engaged. He became a vigilante after his fiance was murdered by the mafia. She did not tell him her real surname was Carmonti, and that she was the daughter of a recently slain mob boss. He would continue to run his auto garage to support himself, but at night he would pursue and kill criminals. He would go on to fight and kill domestic terrorists, urban criminals and mafia. He wears an old football jersey with a symbol of a laughing dog on it as his colors.


    Wild Dog first appeared in his own mini-series Wild Dog dated September 1987, from writer Max Allan Collins and the art team of Terry Beatty and Dick Giordano.

    According to Terry Beatty, initial rejected names were "Machine", "Commando", "Mad Dog" and finally "Red Dog" which was only changed due to existence of a G.I. Joe action figure of the same name.

    Per Amazing Heroes#119, he serves as a modern version of The Shadow, The Green Hornet, Zorro and The Lone Ranger.

    Alternate Versions

    In the alternate timeline created when Booster Gold saved Ted Kord from being shot, Wild Dog is one of the heroes recruited by Green Arrow and Hawkman to stop Maxwell Lord. He is killed when Maxwell Lord uses his mind control powers to make Wild Dog shoot Pantha and then himself.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'8"
    • Weight: 170 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Blond
    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Mechanic; former U.S. Marine
    • Base of Operations: Quad Cities, Iowa

    Powers and Abilities

    Wild Dog is a superb athlete and is highly skilled at hand to hand combat. Due to his Marine background, he is versatile with all types of weaponry. He has military training, and was considered an excellent soldier. He wears a lightweight body armor underneath his t-shirt, along with a pair of stun gloves which can knock a person out with a touch. He also wears a utility belt that holds, among other things, hand weapons and extra ammunition.

    Weapons: Jatimatic SMG, Electric Shock Gloves.


    Wild Dog in the Arrowverse
    Wild Dog in the Arrowverse

    Wild Dog appears in Season 5 of Arrow, as a different character than his original counterpart. On the show, his name is Rene Ramirez, an ex-Marine who lived in Star City. After his wife is accidentally killed by her drug dealer, he fall into an alcoholic depression. When Child Protective Services takes his daughter away, it only makes things worse. However, the seeing the Green Arrow on TV, he is inspired to become the vigilante Wild Dog. After he starts operating in the city, Green Arrow disapproves of his actions and tries to force him to quit. However, after he is inspired to start a new team, he decides to give Wild Dog a chance an bring him into the fold. Rene is portrayed by Rick Gonzalez.

    Rene Ramirez
    Rene Ramirez

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