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    Character » Wild Bill appears in 230 issues.

    Wild Bill is a member of the G.I. Joe team. His primary specialty is Helicopter Pilot and his secondary specialty is Fixed Wing Pilot.

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    As a young boy in Brady, Texas, William Hardy became an accomplished hunter, excelling at tracking his prey over long distances.  He grew up in the country and the music was one of his main pleasures, he loved the tales told though the songs and often spun some to his own friends and relatives.

    Character Evolution

    As an adult, William joined the Army and participated in Long Range Recon Patrol in Southeast Asia.  It was there that his affinity for country music and tall tales earned him the nickname Wild Bill.  He late attended Flight Warrant Officer School in search of new challenges not confined to the ground.  Wild Bill ended up flying several missions with the G.I. Joe team before becoming a full-fledged member at General Clayton " Hawk" Abernathy's request.

    Wild Bill quickly became a valued and respected member of the team, known for his southern wit and fierce loyalty.  He served dutifully as a Joe until the team disbanded in 1994 and headed back to his hometown of Brady to pursue a career as a country and western singer.  Duty called, however, when the team was reinstated and Wild Bill gladly left behind the pressures of attempted stardom to resume his place as G.I. Joe's primary chopper pilot.

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