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    Widowmaker was an elite bodyguard at Dovecote.

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    Widowmaker was an elite bodyguard at Dovecote working for Stephen Tuval also known as the Mind-Master. Captain America traveled to Dovecote to help release a telepath named Snowfall who was being forced to kill people with her telepathic abilities. Captain America was able to get pass the Hawk Riders but was confronted by Widowmaker at the citadel gate entrance. Widowmaker with his great combat skills nearly defeated Captain America until he was distracted by Stephen Tuval. Captain America was able to escape his clutches and knock him out with a right punch.

    Captain America was able to reach Stephen Tuval and Snowfall inside the Dovecote citadel. Widowmaker appeared on a monitor stating that Plan H was being initiated. Plan H was to evacuate all clients and blow Dovecote to pieces. Captain America and Snowfall escaped before the citadel blew up but it is uncertain if Widowmaker survived the blast.   


    Widowmaker was created by Peter Gillis and Fred Kida in 1979 and first appeared in Captain America # 238.


    Widowmaker is excellent in hand-to-hand combat having trained in various fighting styles and techniques for over 30 years.


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