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    Widget was a small, floating robot that became attached to Excalibur and took them on a journey through multiple parallel universes. Then later evolved into the Psycho-Cybernetic Temporal humanoid version of Widget.

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    Widget was revealed to be the time displaced consciousness of Shadowcat (Katherine "Kitty" Pryde) from the Days of Future Past time-line.

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    Kitty Pryde was sent back to the body of her younger self by Phoenix (Rachel Summers) to try and avert the Days of Future Past time-line. Instead of changing her own past and averting DOFP, she created an entirely new future where Senator Kelly was saved from an assassination attempt. When she finally returned to her own body she found out that all of her friends, except for Rachel, were dead. They were then cornered by the Phoenix Force and Kitty convinced it to transport Rachel to the time-line Kitty had just visited and to keep her from remembering the horrible events she went through in the DOFP time-line. When Rachel was sent back, Kitty was captured by the Sentinels and while Kitty was trying to phase out of her inhibitor collar Kitty was pulled into a time warp that the Sentinel was opening and they became merged together, resulting in Widget.

    Days of Future Yet to Come

    Whilst on the shores of Loch Daemon on a dark night in late October, the Crazy Gang member, Tweedle-Dope is tinkering and creates the bodiless form of Widget, bored, discards it and leaves, somehow the schizophrenic, amnesiac temporal entity that was Katherine Pryde is drawn to the inanimate object then instantly the head awakens. She became aware and was overcome with a strong desire to eat any metallic object in her line of sight. She pushed Kylun into an alternate dimension where he grew to adulthood. She also was responsible for sending Moira and a train she was a passenger on back in time and replaced the present day train with a Nazi version. She also took Excalibur through a number of alternate realities during the " Cross Time Caper". Roma locked Widget into the main Marvel universe which prevented her from being displaced too far from it. Widget, Rachel and Excalubur then returned to the DOFP time-line, defeated the Sentinel Hierarchy and reprogrammed the Sentinels to protect all life.

    Widget was last seen with Kang the Conqueror observing events he had brought about during the Excalibur: Sword of Power limited series.


    Widget along with the rest of Excalibur was created by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis.


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