Widdle Wade

    Character » Widdle Wade appears in 12 issues.

    Widdle Wade is a dwarfed clone of Deadpool, and could only speak Japanese. Widdle Wade also had a pet lab dog named Daruma that he cared for very much.

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    Widdle Wade Story

    Widdle Wade was created in a lab by the Boss' scientists from samples of Deadpool's blood to be his ultimate hit man. The Boss at the time having a vendetta against a seemingly unbeatable sumo known as the Oyakata, honed his little assassin for the day he'd finally be given the task of killing the Oyakata.

    However, years had gone past and the Boss had let go of his vendetta, but Widdle Wade refused to abandon his very purpose. We went to kill the Oyakata, but was stopped by Deadpool, whom Boss hired to protect the Oyakata.

    Proving to be as skilled and nimble as the original, but smaller and harder to hit, Deadpool won by having Widdle Wade hit by a truck which carried him off.

    Widdle Wade snuck into the Oyakata's compound, killed some of his men, and had his dog Daruma go after Oyakata's daughter, Sazae. Widdle Wade was about to kill the Oyakata when Deadpool showed up with Daruma's collar. Infuriated, Widdle Wade chased after Deadpool into a sumo ring where the two fought until Deadpool stabbed Widdle Wade.

    As he laid dying, Widdle Wade forgave Deadpool, explaining that he was made to be Deadpool and was forced to share all of Deadpool's demons, but was never Deadpool. He then asked if he had killed as many people as Deadpool has, if he would feel better about himself.

    When Deadpool took off Widdle Wade's mask at his request, Deadpool saw that Widdle Wade wasn't scarred.

    Deadpool buried Widdle Wade in a playground.


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