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Like many teenagers, Wicked did not always get along with her parents. She was arguing with her mother when the Sentinels attacked her home in Genosha. Her mother called her wicked, referring to her goth style of dress, right before she was killed. It is unknown how Wicked survived the Sentinels attack.


Wicked was created by Chris Claremont and Aaron Lopresti and first appeared in Excalibur Vol.2 issue 1 (2004).

Major Story Arcs

Excalibur and Genosha

Wicked and her spirits
Wicked and her spirits

After the Sentinel attack on Genosha, Wicked was one of the few survivors of the nation. She and her friend Freakshow stayed in the ruble of Genosha hoping to have make a new home for themselves, since they had nowhere else to go. Eventually both Wicked and Freakshow were found by Professor X and invited to join his new school, which he planned to start on the devasted island nation. Wicked and Freakshow both accepted. Wicked became part of a larger group of mutants with both Professor Xavier and the mutant known as Magneto as their leaders. Magneto was believed to be dead at the time, but had actually been in hiding after the Senitnel attacks. Wicked managed to save Magneto from being killed by Callisto. Along with Omega Sentinel and Shola Inkosi, Wicked and Freakshow formed a branch of Excalibur to help rebuild Genosha and find the remaining survivors.

Son of M, re-powered


During their search they found three mutants, Broadband, Book and Dark Beast. After the events of M-Day, Wicked was left without her powers along with the other members of her group. When Quicksilver offered to be repowered with the use of the Terrigen Mists she quickly accepted and regained her powers. The Terrigen Mists greatly increased her powers and she was soon confronted by her dead parents.

They were calling her a "nasty, selfish little tramp" and condemning her for leaving them to die. They tormented her until she was able to make them go away. As happy as she was to have her powers back, the Terrigen Mists' effects faded and she was left depowered once again.

Powers & Abilities

Wicked had necromantic powers, which is the ability to summon and control the spirits of the dead. Living on Genosha gave her ample opportunities to use this ability, due to the vast amounts of deaths that had happened on the island. She also shares an empathic link with the souls, feeling their pain if they are injured, but she can distribute the pain being felt by herself to others that she has a link to.

Alternate Versions


Here, in this timeline set into the future, Wicked is seen as a resident of the island of Genosha once again talking to the new team of X-Men. She is seemingly re-powered once again, however it is largely unknown as to how this came about.


In the novelization of the third X-Men film, X-Men: The Last Stand, Wicked is mentioned. She is mentioned as being a resident of The X-Mansion, along with many others. In the novel it states that she is playing chess with one of her ghosts, and the narrator states that she never runs out of friends as she always has her ghosts to talk to.


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