Wicked John

    Character » Wicked John appears in 32 issues.

    The original Jack of Tales, or should I say John of Tales?

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    A man who is the spitting image of Jack Horner, except from the dark hair. He is best friends with Raven and was shown several times trying to get Alice's attentions, though she's clearly disgusted by him. Its not known when, but he's been under the captive of Mr. Revise for some decades. It is revealed that Jack was never involved in the Beanstalk or Giant-killing incidents, but is actually an unknowing copy of Wicked John. Upon Wicked John's death, some great power decided to write him back into the stories, but got his name wrong, thus creating Jack Horner. John was later revived, and now both Fables exist.

    Gary the Pathetic Fallacy informs Jack of the facts after a mysterious, old man shows up and plunges the sword Excalibur through Jack's chest (and dies shortly thereafter). Jack, who can’t get the sword out, is delighted with the news, since this means that the sword was really meant for John, the “real” version. Jack is able to pull Excalibur out of his chest and impales John with it, before leaving John behind. 
    During the Ultimate Jack of Fables Story, its been shown that John's been at the Grand Canyon for over 10 years. He's been used as a tourist attraction as the Impaled Wild Man. It appears no one's really tried making real interaction with him, beyond trying to pull out his sword for fun. Due to this treatment, John's been lost some of his mental stability for sometime. Eventually, he has enough of being an attraction and makes a long journey to find Gary. This journey shows he's become somewhat delusional by talking to himself or a deflated ball. He does eventually find the now dragon Jack and others. But he is killed when Gary the Pathetic Fallacy pulls the sword out of him in the series' final issue.


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