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The Whyos attacked a rival gang's headquarters, claiming that they were in Whyos territory. When they left, revelling in their success, they were greeted by Moon Knight who claimed it was his territory. The Whyos put up a decent fight, but were ultimately defeated. 
Later on, after Norman Osborn had taken control of SHIELD, one of the Whyos agreed to a bargain rather than going to prison. This bargain involved attacking Frenchie's restaurant. Frenchie put up a fight, though Rob was seriously. Frenchie, seeking revenge, broke into the Whyos headquarters and started attacking them. Moon Knight also appeared and helped him out. One of the members managed to escape out into an alley, where Moon Knight tracked him down. It was then, with Venom clutching the wall above him, that it is revealed that the Whyo attacked was merely a trap for the Thunderbolts to lure Moon Knight.

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