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The twenty-four profiles within "DC's Realm of Dark Fantasy" were as follows:

  • Abby Arcane (Supporting Cast): Peter Sanderson (Text)/Stan Woch (Art)/Anthony Tollin (Colorist)
  • American Scream (Villain): Mark Waid (Text)/Jamie Hewlett (Art)/Anthony Tollin (Colorist)
  • Anton Arcane (Villain): Jeffrey Lang (Text)/Kelley Jones (Art)/Anthony Tollin (Colorist)
  • Black Orchid (Supernatural): Mark Waid (Text)/Dave McKean (Art/Colorist)
  • Cliff Steele (Hero): Mark Waid (Text)/Richard Case (Artist)/Tom McCraw (Colorist)
  • Danny the Street ("Sentient" Geography): Mark Waid (Text)/Tom Taggart (Artist)/Tom McCraw (Colorist)
  • Doom Patrol (Hero Team): Robert Greenberger (Text)/Richard Case (Artist)/Tom McCraw (Colorist)
  • Doom Patrol Rogues Gallery (Villains): Mark Waid (Text)/Simon Bisley (Artist)/Tom McCraw (Colorist)
  • The Dreaming (Geography): Peter Sanderson (Text)/Mike Dringenberg (Art)/Tom McCraw (Colorist)
  • The Endless (Supernatural): Peter Sanderson (Text)/Mike Dringenberg (Art)/Tom McCraw (Colorist)
  • Flex Mentallo (Hero): Mark Waid (Text)/Ken Steacy (Art)/Tom McCraw (Colorist)
  • John Constantine (Supernatural): Jeffrey Lang (Text)/Will Simpson (Art)/Tom McCraw (Colorist)
  • Kathy George (Supporting Cast): Mark Waid (Text)/Chris Bachalo (Art)/Anthony Tollin (Colorist)
  • Kid Eternity (Supernatural): Mark Waid (Text)/Duncan Fegredo (Art)/Tom McCraw (Colorist)
  • Les Perdu (Supernatural): Jeffrey Lang (Text)/Bill Jaaska (Art)/Anthony Tollin (Colorist)
  • Matthew the Raven (Supernatural): Mark Waid (Text)/Kelly Jones (Art)/Mark Waid (Colorist)
  • Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. (Villains): Mark Waid (Text)/Simon Bisley (Art)/Tom McCraw (Colorist)
  • Mister E (Supernatural): Peter Sanderson (Text)/John K. Snyder III & Jay Geldhoff (Art)/Anthony Tollin (Colorist)
  • The Parliament of Trees (Supernatural): Peter Sanderson (Text)/Stan Woch (Art)/Anthony Tollin (Colorist)
  • Swamp Thing (Supernatural): Jeffrey Lang (Text)/John Higgins (Art)/Anthony Tollin (Colorist)
  • Tefé Holland (Supporting Cast): Jeffrey Lang (Text)/Bill Jaaska (Art)Anthony Tollin (Colorist)
  • Temptress (Villain): Robert Greenberger (Text)/John K. Snyder III (Art)/Anthony Tollin (Colorist)
  • The Three Witches (Supernatural): Alisa Kwitney (Text)/Kelly Jones (Art)/Anthony Tollin (Colorist)
  • Tim Hunter (Supernatural): Peter Sanderson (Text)/Paul Johnson (Art)/Anthony Tollin (Colorist)

General Notes

The cover is actually just the pin-up used in the Doom Patrol profile.

As this comic was released prior to Destruction's first appearance in The Sandman #41 (which would hit shelves a few months later), he is not depicted among the other Endless. However, perhaps due to an editorial error the name "Destruction" is mentioned in the bio even though later on in the bio he is merely referred to as "The Third Brother".

Despite profiles on his main love interest (Kathy George) and first major villain (American Scream), Shade the Changing Man is not profiled in this issue as he already appeared in the seventh issue in the series.

All of these properties would be found at Vertigo which would emerge one year following this comic's release.

Characters that would appear in images featuring profiled characters include: Patchwork Man (Abby Arcane); Shade the Changing Man (American Scream, Kathy George); The Un-Men (Anton Arcane); Troy Grenzer (Kathy George); Lenny (Kathy George); Mr. Stringer (Kathy George); Mary-Ann Trilby (Kathy George); Wizor (Kathy George); JFK (Kathy George); Madness Vest (Kathy George); Doctor Occult (Mister E) and Phantom Stranger (Mister E).



none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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