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    The Weird Happenings Organisation were charged with investigating the strange and paranormal in the United Kingdom. Led by Dr. Alistaire Stuart and his twin sister Brigadier Alysande Stuart.

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    The Weird Happenings Organization was first seen when Brigadier Alysande Stuart and her team found a "Nazi" train. It was later found out that it had travelled across the Multiverse, swapping with one from Earth-616. On board was a "Nazi" version of Moira MacTaggert, Callisto and Kitty Pryde's pet dragon Lockheed (who was used to power the train).This was the beginning of the Excalibur event the Cross-Time Caper. Doctor Alistaire Stuart, Alysande's brother continued to help the British Superhero team Excalibur whilst they travelled throughout the Marvel Multiverse.

    The Weird Happenings Organisation's prime objective is investigate said 'Weird Happenings'. Basically, anything that is weird, strange or can't be explained (like a giant Nazi train powered by a dragon) is turned into W.H.O to be researched.

    W.H.O. also seems to have their very own private army. A branch of soldiers to detain anything that may be branded as dangerous by the organisation.


    The Weird Happenings Organisation was created by Chris Claremont, the writer and Alan Davis, the penciler. Paul Neary also happened to be the inker for Excalibur #6.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Weird Happenings Organisation were heavily involved with the beginning of the Excalibur Saga, the Cross-Time Caper.


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