Who Rule's The School?

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    When a science experiment goes wrong, cheerleaders will rise up to fight the zombie horde.

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    Plot Summary

    Whose side are you on?
    Whose side are you on?

    When Buddy Fox, a science nerd, designs an experiment to turn the football team into mad, flesh-devouring zombies, things go from bad to worse. Buddy tries his experiment on his high school science teacher, Professor Mulkins, and ends up eaten by his own creation. From there, the zombie infection goes from student to student until finally the cheerleaders rise against the undead threat! From here on out, Team Cheerleaders wage war on all the zombies in their school and the planet!

    Full Plot

    Buddy Fox begins work on an experiment late at night to get revenge on the football team of his school. However, he is rudely interrupted when his science teacher, Professor Mulkins, comes in to check on Buddy and make sure all is well. With a desire to get an A+ and also to test his genius experiment, Buddy decides Mulkins should be the first zombie! Mutating into a zombie, Mulkins attacks Buddy and eats his brain while the young science student is distracted with a video game.

    Two girls, Jenny and Sarah, hear Buddy's screaming and quickly come on the scene. Peeking through Buddy's window, Sarah is ambushed and devoured by the ravenous zombies of Buddy and Mulkins. A nearby Mr. Perry hears Jenny's screaming and pushes her into the room, at the mercy of the growing horde. Convinced his course of action was the right one, Perry then heads to Principal Climatebug to warn him about the zombies invading the school.

    Upon his arrival at the principal's office, Perry discovers him making out with his secretary, Jezebel. Perry informs them about the zombies, but Climatebug insist that he must be mistaken and suggests a vacation. Later on though, Climatebug and Jezebel would find out that Perry was right, when they notice the football team munching on the cheerleaders and students. During the commotion, Jezebel is captured and her affair with Climatebug is revealed. However, Climatebug refuses to rescue her and she is eaten along with the rest of the students.

    Secondary Story

    Staci, Shannon, and one other cheerleader were calling the police to come and kill the remaining zombies at their school. Quarterback zombie at zombie high school, Chad Eakes, began to munch on the unknown blonde cheerleader and he saw Shannon. Knowing who she was, Chad controlled himself and didn't kill her. Leaving Staci alone with the other zombie that Chad took a chunk out of...


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