Who is Donna Troy?

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    We all know and love Wonder Girl, but does anyone actually know anything about her past? Not even she does.

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    There are many parts to Donna Troy's background that she just knows nothing about. The first part of the story is Dick Grayson, AKA: Robin, decides to investigate Donna's true Earth-life. That is, who her real family is and where did she come from. The next part to the story is her wedding day, the day she gets married to Terry Long. The final part to this story is how she got her super powers. She finds out here that the story that Dick Grayson uncovered was false and now must truely learn her past. She has to go back to where she grew up and fight for the Titans of Myth, the real people who raised her and fight a power that grew up and was raised with Donna.

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    At the end of the book, there is an added story from the Teen Titans and Outsiders issue "Who was Donna Troy?" It is the funeral of Donna.

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