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    The Whizzer is the super fast member of the Squadron Supreme. Stanley Stewart is the third individual to use Whizzer name.

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    For the first Whizzer see: Robert Frank.

    For the Second Whizzer see: Speed Demon.


    While jogging late at night, mail carrier Stanley Stewart passed through a luminescent fog bank. Upon emerging on the other side he discovered that he now possessed super-human speed. Early in his career, the Whizzer became a founding member of the Squadron Supreme.

    Character Creation

    This Whizzer made his first appearance in Avengers volume 1 #85, in 1971. He was based on the villainous Whizzer who was created by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema.

    Major Story Arcs

    Brain Child

    Stanley Stewart, the Whizzer of Earth 712 was first seen when four members of the Avengers were accidentally transported to the dimension of the Squadron Supreme while returning from Polemachus, home world to Arkon. Whizzer was assisting Hyperion and Dr. Spectrum in the launching of a rocket known as Brain-Child One into solar orbit. The Avengers convinced the Whizzer and his teammates that launching this rocket would bring about the end of humanity on their earth due to a giant solar flare. The Squadron and the Avengers then teamed up to stop Brain Child, a ten year old mutant possessed of incredible mental powers and a bitter hatred for the rest of humanity, who was the creator of the rocket.

    Serpent Crown Affair

    The Whizzer and the Squadron next faced the Avengers while the President of the United States on the Squadron's Earth was under the influence of the Serpent Crown. President Rockefeller of the Squadron's world had formed and interdimensional alliance with Hugh Jones, the President and CEO of Roxxon of the Avenger's dimension. Jones hired the Squadron to protect his interests at Roxxon. Whizzer and the other Squadron members defeated a group of Avengers and transported them back to their own dimension. After a series of skirmishes the Avengers escaped back to their home dimension, leaving the Squadron to question their purpose and mission.


    The next time the Whizzer appeared, he was under the control of the immensely powerful psionic being known as the Overmind. The Overmind had come to the Squadron's dimension and allied himself with the President of the United States, Kyle Richmond a.k.a. Nighthawk. Through Richmond the Overmind was able to gain control of the members of the Squadron Supreme except Hyperion. Hyperion escaped to Earth 616 and recruited the Defenders to return and help him free his world.

    Utopia Program

    The Squadron's world had been decimated by the Overmind's machinations. In attempting to correct the wrongs that they had helped perpetrate, the Squadron decided to implement the Utopia Program. Alongside his teammates, the Whizzer helped to enact programs to solve their world's problems, effectively taking control of the governments in an attempt to eliminate crime, war, sickness and even death.

    In an effort to be more open to the public that they protected, the Squadron decided to unmask and abandon having dual identities. This later came back to haunt the team when their friends and family members were taken captive by their old foes the Institute of Evil. Seeing his wife Maddie and daughter Tina in great danger the Whizzer deserted his teammates, and attempted to attack the Institute on his own. While the Squadron was able to defeat the Institute, and Hyperion forgave Whizzer's rash actions, he found himself doubting that his teammates would ever trust him again.

    Death of a Universe

    While dismantling the failed Utopia Program, the Squadron is alerted by Professor Imam of a coming cosmic cataclysm that threatened to destroy the entire universe. The cataclysm turned out to be the Nth Man, who originated from the Earth-616 universe. Teaming with former foes the Redeemers, Master Menace, the Overmind and the Scarlet Centurion, the Whizzer and the Squadron battled to stop the coming apocalypse. Despite their efforts and after several casualties, it wasn't until Squadron member Arcanna's infant child changed places with the consciousness of the Nth Man, thus ending the threat to the Squadron's Earth.

    Stranded at Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S.

    After defeating the menace of the Nth Man, the Squadron found themselves trapped on Earth-616 and unable to return to their home dimension. Whizzer and the Squadron encountered Quasar upon landing on Earth-616 and he helped them establish a base of location at Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Shortly after this, the members of the Squadron were mentally controlled by the Overmind in an attempt to launch an attack against his ancient nemesis the Stranger. Quasar, Makkari and Hyperion, who had not fallen under the Overmind's influence, traveled to the Stranger's world to free the other Squadron members.

    After this, the Whizzer was pulled into a race by the Runner, a member of the Elders of the Universe. The Runner wished to determine who was the swiftest runner on Earth. He set up a marathon to the moon, bringing in several of Earth's super-human speedsters. The Whizzer managed to gain the lead for a time, but was soon passed by Makkari. However both lost when the mysterious Buried Alien teleported onto the track and swiftly over took all racers.

    When Doctor Strange visited Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S, he attempted a spell to send Whizzer and the Squadron members home. The spell did not work, and the Squadron soon discovered that it was the Nth Man, who had since become the Sorcerer Supreme of their world who was preventing them from returning. The Whizzer was greatly distraught at the prospect of not being able to return to his family.

    Heroes Return

    The Whizzer and the rest of the Squadron encountered the Avengers shortly after that team returned from being trapped in a universe created by Franklin Richards. The Squadron attacked the Avengers and accused them of being impostors. It is soon revealed though that the Squadron are under the control of the villainous Corruptor. Shortly after this confrontation, the two teams join forces when they are challenged by the unscrupulous Imus Champion. After defeating the wealthy Champion, Iron Man discovers a prototype Nth Projector, that he adapts to return Whizzer and the Squadron back to their home dimension.

    New World Order

    Upon returning to their home dimension, the Whizzer quickly set about finding his wife and daughter. Once he located them, he was confronted by a group calling themselves the Blue Eagles. They were a paramilitary force based on what they believed to be the principles of the deceased Squadron member, Blue Eagle. They had stepped in to restore order to the world after the Utopia Program had ended. The Blue Eagles had taken custody of the Whizzer's family while attempting to arrest him. A group known as the Nighthawks stepped into rescue the Whizzer's family, and took them into protective custody telling the Whizzer that he could not follow them. This group was organized by the original Nighthawk's adopted son, who had now taken on his father's identity, forming a resistance group to oppose the new oppressive world government. Eventually, the remaining four members of the Squadron recruited the other two living original members of the team as well as new Nighthawk to join in fighting to free their world. The new Nighthawk reunited the Whizzer with his wife and daughter at long last.


    Since then Whizzer has been seen when the dimensional traversing team known as the Exiles has crossed into his Earth.

    The first time the Exiles were in pursuit of Proteus who had taken possession of the Hulk 2099. He duped the Squadron into believing that the Exiles were the enemy. After battling, the Exiles were able to assist the Squadron into proving that the Global Directorate had rigged the elections in order secure power over their world. Once the Squadron had possession of this information, they were able to begin restoring order to their world.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a result of exposure to the mutagenic effects of a fog bank of unknown nature, Stanley Stewart possesses superhuman speed, stamina, and reflexes. When moving at subsonic speed, the Whizzer can create cyclones (by running in circles); run up walls and across water. The Whizzer has limited immunity to the effects of friction (Stewart wears goggles to protect his eyes), although his body still generates normal fatigue poisons. As a result, Stewart must consume large amounts of calories and rest after using his superhuman speed powers extensively.

    Alternate Earths

    Earth 31916

    Stanley was a very sick child until he gained his powers. Grew up living with his single mother in the USA, near Atlanta, Georgia. Once Hyperion became public knowledge, he tracked Stanley down as he was little more than a myth before then, known as the "Atlanta Blur," he was sort of a Bigfoot legend in the area. Once the public learned of him, he became the sponsor for many sporting goods companies and became "The Blur." He was also a part of the earlier team ups in "Supreme Power" titles, working with Hyperion and Nighthawk to bring down Redstone. He went on to become a founding member of the Squadron Supreme.


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