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Whitelighters are the guardians of good witches. Their numbers are well into the hundreds as they serve witches all over the planet. Their leaders are the Elders who assign them charges (witches, humans, future whitelighters) to keep them on the path of good and to heal them if they are hurt by evil. They are in constant empathic/telepathic communication with their charges. Depending on the whitelighter he or she can have one charge or up to several dozen. Whitelighters are former humans who have died doing great good or have a strong connection to good magic when they die. When said person decides to become a whitelighter instead of moving on to the hereafter. Their body is destroyed and it's replaced with an identical copy that is made up entirely of orbs (magical white/blue lights that serve multiple purposes). Like witches and demons (and presumably all humanoid magical beings) their DNA is a triple helix instead of two like a humans.

Due to their nature all Whitelighters are pacifists. However they will protect their charges if the circumstances require. Usually they retain all knowledge of their skills they had in their previous life. But under no circumstances are they allowed to kill another living being good or evil.

Hybrid Descendants

Originally whitelighters and witches were forbidden to fall in love. Having children was unheard of yet it has

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happened. Witch/Whitelighters are extremely powerful as they have some of the same strengths as whitelighters yet they are also weak as they share some of the same weaknesses. The first known witch/whitelighter was Paige. Patty Halliwell and her whitelighter Sam knew that she had to be hidden so they gave her up at birth to the local church. Later many more witch/whitelighters would be born. Wyatt Halliwell, Chris Halliwell, Simon Marks (unrelated to the Halliwell's), and other young children of the Halliwell family. Because of the great forces of good the hybrids do. It is no longer against the rules for witch and whitelighters to have children.


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Whitelighters have the ability to make potions and cast spells (though not as powerful as a witch's). They can "Orb" (magical teleportation) across any known distance, Heal any wound as long as a single breath of life is left in the victim, telekinesis, photokinesis, multilingualism, levitating, thermokinesis, invisibility, reconstitution (ability to pull themselves back together after being destroyed), empathy, immortality, and shapeshifting.

Witch/Whitelighters have all the abilities of whitelighters as well as telekinetic orbing. This orbing differs from the conventional form of telekinesis because it does not require the user to concentrate on the object or person they are trying to move. Also the orbing infuses with the telekinesis the object or person is actually teleported when moved. And like normal orbing there is no known limit (though presumably not anywhere off the planet) to where the witch/whitelighter can send the object or person. Paige once telekinetically orbed a person over 5,000 miles with no ill effects to her or the person. It should be noted that it is a distinctive trait for some hybrids to call for the person or object that they are trying to move. Though they do not have to be accurate with the name such as in the instance a demon threw acid spit and Paige said "icky stuff" and deflected it. But she along with other hybrids have shown to telekinetically orb without using words.

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Hybrids however do not posses the passive power that whitelighters have such as immortality and reconstitution. So if they are mortally injured they would die like any other person.


There are few things that can actually kill a whitelighter. The most well known is a Darklighter. An agent of evil that are opposite of darklighters. However they do not posses any of the whitelighter abilities. Instead they carry a bow and arrow that has been dipped in a poison that can slowly or quickly kill a whitelighter or a hybrid.


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