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    Edward Newgate, better known as Whitebeard, is the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and widely considered to be the strongest man in the world. He is the only man to ever match the Pirate King Gol D. Roger in a fight. He ate the Tremor-Tremor devil fruit that turned him into a "Quake Man" and giving him the power to create destructive shockwaves. He was one of the Yonko, the four most powerful pirates in the world, that rule over the New World, the second half of the Grand Line.

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    Not much is know of Newgate's past, but in his youth he was once just like any other pirate, serving on a another man's ship, with a dream, but his dream was quite different from any other pirates. Edward was not interested in treasure like others around him, who felt it weird, that a pirate was not interested in treasure. When they asked what he was interested in, Newgate replied "family."

    Before starting his own crew, Newgate was a member of the legendary Rocks Pirates, along with future members of the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin a.k.a. Big Mom, and Kaido.

    Age Of Gol D. Roger

    After leaving the Rocks Pirates, Newgate would build a crew of his own, which he named the Whitebeard Pirates. Building it to become not only one of the largest pirate crews, but also a crew with a bind greater than any other. Truly making his dreams of a family come true. It is not known how there rivalry began but during the age of the pirate kind, Whitebeard and his crew would begin rivalry with Gol D. Roger and the jolly roger pirates, the two meets many times. In fact, Whitebeard is the only man to have tied with the late pirate king. During these many fights, Whitebeard was often challenged by the younger Buggy and Shanks. Despite their intense rivalry, the two men had a respect for one another, even drinking on an island after Roger made it to Raftel, were Roger told Newgate the meaning of the Will of D.

    After Roger's execution, the Golden Lion Shiki escaped from his prison in Impel Down. He then met up with Whitebeard. Shiki told Newgate that it was his time now that Roger was gone. Whitebeard not amused by Shiki, tells him to cut the crap, even threatening him by throwing him overboard. Shiki laughed in reponse, and told Newgate that he's leaving for awhile, saying he's gonna show the rookies, the real fear of pirates. Whitebeard responds by saying plotting something again.

    A New Age

    After the age of Gol D. Roger had ended, his final words spurred a new generation of pirates, beginning the start of the great pirate age. Newgate began being referred to as one of the 4 Great Pirate Emperors known as the Yonkou, along with Shanks, Kaidou, and an unknown 4th. Unlike the Marines and the Shichibukai, these 4 held no alliance. At some point in time, Whitebeard went to Fish-Man Island, and freed it from constant attacks and slavery, placing them under his protection.

    When his future son Portgas D. Ace set of on his journey, as the captain of the spade pirates. Newgate caught Ace in the paper, referring that he was a promising "young'un", and that he has rejected the status as Shichibukai, but also claimed that he was in a hurry. Whitebeard would then hear that Ace had been searching for him, as he planned to kill him. After the fight between Ace and Jinbei, the Whitebeard pirates showed up. Newgate battled the Spade crew himself, easily outmatching the rookie group, but Ace created a fire wall in order to protect his friends. Whitebeard defeated Ace, but impressed by his resilience offered him a place on his crew, which was rejected. Still Ace was taken aboard the Moby Dick.

    After Ace was captured, the spade pirates attempted to rescue their captain, but they too were again defeated and taken aboard. While he was aboard Newgate's ship, Ace would constantly try to kill the captain, but time and time again Whitebeard was able to fend of the atttacks. In time Ace came around, and became another son of Whitebeard. When Ace told Newgate of his true heritage, Whitebeard just laghed, and said that they were nothing alike. Ace asked if Whitebeard was going to throw him off the ship, being Gol D. Rogers son, but Whitebeard told Ace that no matter who brought you into the world, were all still sons and daughters of the sea. In fact while aboard his crew Witebeard knew Ace would be safe from the hands of the world government. Soon after this, Marshal D. Teach who would become Blackbeard broke the number one rule and killed a fellow crew-mate for a devil fruit. Despite his protests, Whitebard was against unable to stop Ace from seeking revenge.

    Meeting With Shanks

    After Ace went in search of Teach, a member of the Red Haired Pirates.....Rockstar boarded the Moby Dick, in order to deliver a letter to Newgate from his captain, Shanks. Unimpressed that Shanks did not come in person, Whitebeard ripped the letter up. Angering Rockstar, that he had ripped the letter up, but he already knew what it was about. His nurses also told him to stop drinking but he did not. Whitebeard told Rockstar that Shanks should come himself, and that he didn't want to talk to some little kid with a runny nose.

    Soon after Rockstar told his captain of what happened. Shanks decided to go and meet with Whitebeard himself. The marines tried to prevent the two crews from meeting, fearing what would happen if two Yonkou formed an alliance. Despite this Shanks was able to board Whitebeards ship, were he showed his strong spirit. Shanks claimed that he had brought Newgate some healing water and that he was not there to fight. Whitebeard asks his crew to leave the two men alone, responding that the sake Shanks brought from west blue was not very good. Though Shanks assured him it was good Sake, which upon drinking it Newgate agreed. The two men begin to talk about the past, 22 years ago. About how Shanks had grown to be a strong pirate, and how he was always seen with Buggy during the battles of the Whitebeard crew and the Jolly Roger pirates. Whitebeard asks Shanks how he lost his arm, which Shanks answers by saying he betted it on the New Age. Soon the conversation changes to the topic of Blackbeard, were Shanks tells Newgate that it was Teach who gave him the wound on his eye. Shanks asks Whitebeard not to have Ace go after Teach, and that it's best if they stay out of his way. Newgate says that Shanks is 100 years to early to order him around. The two men then draw their weapons and clash, with the very sky itself splitting.

    War With The Marines

    Powers and abilities

    Devil Fruit

    Newgate ate the Gura Gura no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that made him a "Quake Man" and which was considered the strongest Devil Fruit within the Paramecia class. With the power of this Devil Fruit, Whitebeard could create powerful shockwaves by shattering the air like glass. Fleet Admiral Sengoku stated that Whitebeard had the power to destroy the world. This devil fruit has been shown to be incredibly strong, able to create powerful shock waves through the ground, water, and even the air. When this is done, the air usually cracks. These shock waves are so great, during the Marineford war, those on other islands could feel it's effects.

    Using the Gura-Gura no Mi, Newgate has shown the power to create large tsunamis, and even split the entire island of Marineford in two, leaving a large chasm in the middle. This attack is strong enough to practically take out most enemies in a single blow. Even Akainu was quickly subdued by it's powers. In fact it took the three admirals to nullify one of Whitebeard's shock waves. While it offers a great offense, the use of this devil fruit also gives a great defense, as it was able to cancel out other attacks, and break free from capture, such as when Newgate broke free from Aokiji's ice prison. Whitebeard can also focus his shock waves into a single point, forming a bubble around his hand or his bisento. When released it creates a small explosion, which is strong enough to instantly take down two Marine giants. Finally, Whitebeard can move entire islands, tilting them.

    Physical Abilities

    In addition to his devil fruit power, Whitebeard was given the title of the "strongest man in the world" for his immense physical power, which is far superior to even a giant, though it has diminished as he has gotten older. Whitebeard has incredible physical strength. During his fight against one of the marine giants, he was able to stop a blow of the giants sword with his bisento. This was an impressive feat as the giant was using both of his arms while Whitebeard needed only one to stop the mighty blow. He was also able to stop a moving ship with one hand. Though it has pretty much deserted him Newgate back in the day had amazing reflexes, able to dodge multiple attempts on his life at the hands of Ace, even while sleeping. Finally he has amazing durability, having half his face burned off, being stabbed and shot multiple times, he still possessed e.


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