Whitebeard Pirates

    Team » Whitebeard Pirates appears in 53 issues.

    One of the strongest pirate crews

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    One of the four pirate crews that are led by a Yonkou. The crew is led by Whitebeard himself along with 16 Division Commanders that each lead approximately about a hundred men each. Their crew also have many allies in the second half of the Grand Line(New World) consisting of 43 different crews.
    The Whitebeard crew is feared all over the world because of their might, their crew have lots of Devil Fruit users ranging from Mystical Zoan types to Logia and to Paramecia. Even the World Government who are also powerful in their own right and are allied with the Royal Shichibukai feared the might of the Whitebeard Crew that they summoned all  the forces of the Marines led by the 3 admirals along with the Shichibukai to go to war against the Whitebeard crew.

    The crew went to war against the World Government to save their 2nd Division Commander Portgas D. Ace from execution after he set off to look for Blackbeard who was under his division after Blackbeard murdered a crewmate.

    After the war the crew are seen in an unspecified location mourning the death of their captain and Ace.


    Known members:

    Edward Newgate (Captain, deceased)
    Marco (active)
    Potgas D. Ace  (deceased)
    Jozu (active)
    Thatch (deceased)
    Vista (active)
    Blamenco (active)
    Rakuyou (active)
    Namur (active)
    Blenheim (active)
    Curiel (active)
    Kingdew (active)
    Haruta (active)
    Atmos (active)
    Speed Jiru (active)
    Fossa (active)
    Izou (active)
    Marshall D. Teach (defected)

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