White Willow

    Character » White Willow appears in 7 issues.

    A member of Nyssa and Lady Shiva's league of assassins

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    Nothing is known of her past except so skilled was she, that Lady Shiva  recruited her as a student in  the League Of Assassins made by Nyssa. She trained under Shiva for quite awhile taking her orders faithfully. 
     Following Batgirl
     Following Batgirl

    When Batgirl  Cassandra Cain showed up she humbly bowed before her superior. She continued to train until  Lazara  emerged from the lazarous pit. She battled the undead re animated by her powers and managed to survive. She later sided with  Cassandra after she was saved by her. She followed her orders until Shiva's faction hunted them down. She was able to hold her own against Wam Wam before being overwhelmed. Through teamwork they defeated Shiva's faction until  Mad Dog  attacked. She and Torque attacked him only to be easily defeated. Her throat was ripped out and she apparently died.


    Skills and abilities

     Sparring with Tigris
     Sparring with Tigris
      In her brief appearance she proved a very highly skilled martial artist by virtue of being handpicked by Shiva as a league member and student. She also proved very capable with bladed weaponry, particularly two large knives she wielded expertly during a battle with reanimated dead. Her skill is also noted by not being killed in that battle when those with more experience did.



    Height: 5'7" 
    Weight: 130 lbs  
    Eyes: Blue 
    Hair: Blond  
      Citizenship: Unknown 
    Place of Birth: unknown 
    Marital Status: presumably single
    Occupation:  Assassin

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