White Room

    Location » White Room appears in 4 issues.

    The White Room is a place where former wielders of the Quantum-bands go when they pass on.

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    When Quasar was nullified by the Ultimate Nullifier during the Infinity War, he awoke within the White Room. Wondering where he was, he conversed with other Protectors there. Glakandar theorized that the White Room was the equivalent of Valhalla for the Protectors, while Andwella believed that Eon was evil, and that the White Room was a place of eternal punishment. An unnamed insectoid protector believed that they dwelled within purgatory to await the day of a final battle. Quasar refused to believe any of these theories, and thought that he was either hallucinating, or was in the Dimension of Manifestations. Andwella thought someone else had been sitting in his seat before he appeared.

    Eon took form within the White Room to visit Quasar, appearing as a lamb, and offered to release Quasar if he drank his blood. Quasar refused. The Angel of Vengeance also visited Quasar, offering to strike down the Magus for him, but Quasar refused to give in to revenge. Suddenly, the Blue Marvel (a recreation of Marvel Boy) appeared and destroyed the Angel of Vengeance, then tried to snuff out Quasar.

    Quasar survived the Blue Marvel's attack because he had the power of the Star Brand, and rose from his chair, taking the Angel of Vengeance's sword to battle the Blue Marvel. Some of the other inhabitants were annoyed as the battle passed beyond their line of vision. Quasar finally beat the Blue Marvel and put him in his own seat. He then confronted Eon, who told him that the White Room was a part of him, and that everyone there was a part of his body, animated by residual life energy from the Quantum Bands. Quasar forgave Eon for testing him earlier, then said farewell to the White Room's inhabitants, and departed.

    Later, Starhawk of the Guardians of the Galaxy is sent to the White Room having died after wearing the Quantum-Bands even though he was never a protector of the universe. There he met Wendell Vaughn, a previous Protector of the Universe and his biological father.

    Presumably, the White Room contains all the previous entities who wore the Quantum-bands, if not all of the previous Protectors of the Universe.

    Powers/Abilities/Functions: The White Room is a pocket dimension within the Eonverse where the souls of all Protectors of the Universe who die are sent. There, they sit around a table dressed in robes, unable to move (they could also only look straight front of them, unable to turn their head to see anything outside their immediate field of view). It is not known how many protectors reside within the White Room. They are able to converse with each other, but none are aware of the White Room's purpose. Eon is able to manifest itself within the White Room using the portion of its soul which exists within Infinity.


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