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    Jaina Hudson is a Batman villainess who can split herself into two separate bodies, one of whom is her pathological alter-ego the White Rabbit.

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    Jaina Hudson
    Jaina Hudson

    Jaina Hudson's father was an American diplomat assigned to India, where he met and married her eventual mother, a Bollywood actress. Jaina was raised in Gotham at private schools since she was nine. She met Bruce Wayne at a charity function to raise funds for relief in Pakistan. The two later began dating, and the mysterious White Rabbit (Jaina's pathological duplicate form) made her first appearance during a prisoner breakout from Arkham Asylum.


    The White Rabbit was created by David Finch and Paul Jenkins.

    Character Evolution

    The New 52 / Prime Earth

    White Rabbit (Prime Earth)
    White Rabbit (Prime Earth)

    The White Rabbit to be a sexy new villainess for Batman in their New 52 reboot series, Batman: The Dark Knight. The character's first appearance (both as Jaina Hudson and as the White Rabbit) was in issue #1. The two were later revealed to be the same character in issue #7.

    Major Story Arcs

    The New 52 / Prime Earth:

    Batman: The Dark Knight

    Who is White Rabbit?
    Who is White Rabbit?

    Jaina Hudson first met Bruce Wayne during a charity fund-raising party. Bruce was immediately attracted to her; they flirted with each other and agreed to go on a date. However, Bruce's commitments as Batman prevented him from seeing her.

    The mysterious White Rabbit then appeared during a breakout of Arkham Asylum. She taunted Batman and the Gotham City Police Department before escaping through the corridors. It soon became clear that Batman had never witnessed the woman before, and the others he spoke to about her remained skeptical of her existence (including Commissioner Gordon and Two-Face, neither of whom had previous knowledge of her). Batman had his butler Alfred Pennyworth attempt to locate her while he tracked down and detained the other escapees. Responding to a tip-off about the location of the Joker, Batman entered a speeding train to find a host of dead clown thugs. He also found the alluring White Rabbit, but she continued to taunt him and challenged him to chase her. Batman chased her for answers, but when he finally located her again in another compartment, she was lounging with the Joker, implying that the two were working together and that she may have been responsible for the Arkham breakout.

    Naturally a fight broke out between Batman and the "Joker," the latter of whom turned out to be the shape-shifting villain Clayface in disguise. After the reveal Batman was able to knock out Clayface, who toppled and landed on Batman, pinning him to the floor. While the hero was trapped, the White Rabbit sensually stroked his face as she prepared to inject him with an unknown substance (possibly the same anti-fear toxins she had infected Arkham's escapees with). She was interrupted by the arrival of the Flash. The White Rabbit fled the scene and once again was able to escape capture.

    Although her intentions are still unknown, she was later seen working for the super-villain Bane and injecting new toxins into other super-villains. A short while later it was revealed that Jaina (who was now informally dating Bruce Wayne) and the White Rabbit are in fact the same person.

    Other Version

    Future End

    Five years jump from the current day DCnU time. The White Rabbit is a member of Calendar Man's gang.

    Powers and Abilities

    Her two bodies separated
    Her two bodies separated

    Jaina Hundson/The White Rabbit powers are:

    • Duplication

    Jaina Hudson can physically separate the White Rabbit persona from herself and thus be in two different places at once. Adding to the confusion, her two separate bodies seem to exhibit distinctly different personalities, and even their appearance is markedly different: Jaina has olive skin, dark hair, and green eyes, while the White Rabbit has pale skin, platinum hair, and pink eyes. It has not been revealed exactly how her duplication power works, though it appears to be linked in some way to the White Rabbit's gloves.

    • Agility

    The White Rabbit is remarkably quick and agile, being able to effortlessly outrun most pursuers (including Batman) even while wearing her trademark thigh-high boots with long spiked heels.

    • Stamina

    The White Rabbit exhibits virtually no fatigue when running and never appears winded. While running at full speed, she routinely taunts pursuers with "catch me if you can" and similar phrases as they struggle to keep up.

    • Escape Artist

    The White Rabbit has also demonstrated considerable skill at evasion, escaping numerous times from Gotham Police and even Batman himself.


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