White Power Ring

    Object » White Power Ring appears in 100 issues.

    Allows the user to experience one of the strongest emotions in existence-the will to live. The limitations of a white power ring are currently unknown, much like life itself.

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    Long ago, the Guardians of the Universe discovered the source of all life in the universe was an entity hidden within the Earth. They decided to keep this secret and hid their knowledge from the universe at large. When the avatar of death, Nekron, raised his own Black Lantern Corps of the dead to end all life in the universe the other Lantern Corps United to stop him. The first white power ring appeared when Sinestro joined with the White Light Entity during the climax of the Blackest Night.

    While the rings of other corps can operate independently when their bearer is incapacitated, they seldom offer advice or act against the wishes of the bearer. The white rings will push and in some cases actively work against their bearer's will to achieve their own ends. Exactly how sentient the white rings are remains to be seen.

    Boston Brand wielded the white ring throughout all of Brightest Day as the white power battery guided him and the other 11 resurrected heroes and villains to complete specific tasks set forth to aid them in regaining their lives and helping save the Earth. The battery reveals to him that the ultimate goal in all of this is to find a champion on Earth to replace the Entity as the protector of life. When Boston sacrificed his life to save Dove from a boomerang thrown at her by Captain Boomerang, the white ring flies off of Boston's finger and into the mouth of the deceased Alec Holland. The ring resurrected Holland so that he could become Swamp Thing and take on the role as Earth's new enforcer of life.

    Powers & Abilities

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    The exact capabilities and limitations of white power rings are still unknown, but they have been shown as being capable of providing their bearers with the default corps abilities of:

    • Flight
    • Life Support(via protective aura generation)
    • Life Constructs
    • Barriers/Force Fields

    With it, White Lanterns were capable of eradicating armies of Black Lanterns, and be more powerful than any other corps at the time. Although an innate drawback to this is that all wielders of the ring are unable to experience any other emotion other than the will to live.

    Unique Abilities

    • Emotion: Being at the end of the emotional electromagnetic spectrum, any wearer of the ring is unable to experience any other emotion besides the will to live.
    • Resurrection: Can bring the dead back to life.
    • Overridal of Other Rings: Can "override" other power rings and temporarily turn them white.

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