White Martian

    Character » White Martian appears in 7 issues.

    White Martian is the Earth-3, anti-matter/Qwardian universe analogue of Martian Manhunter. He came from Mars, and set himself up as Ultraman's chief rival.

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    An alien descends to Earth in the form of a White Martian known as S'kaa M'axx. Ultraman and the Martian clash nearly immediately with one another, and S'kaa M'axx sets himself up as the Man Who Steals's greatest rival. S'kaa M'axx is the carrier of the "Curse of Volthoom," which may or may not be the source of his great power. In their final battle, Ultraman seemingly kills the Martian, but this is uncertain.

    It is speculated that the mad monk from whom Power Ring gains his ring and lantern (along with the curse of Volthoom), is the White Martian in disguise. This theory has yet to be proven.


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