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White Magician was born Asquith Randolph and claims to have been present at the creation of the United States of America. He also claims that Thomas Jefferson is one of his descendants. In the 1940s he was known as "Mister Magik". In the 1960s he altered his name to "The White Sorcerer". In the 1970s he became a founding member of the now forgotten superhero team Echoes of Justice. Later in the 1980s he finally established "The White Magician" as his permanent title. Other names he's gone under are: He-Who-Laughs, The Sterling Seer, and Jeramiah. Retiring from being a full-time crime fighter, he settled into a classic mansion in Boston, Massachusetts.

Wonder Woman

True Evil of the White Magician
True Evil of the White Magician

Sometime between his early years as a hero to the present day the White Magician became power mad, often resorting to more sinister means of increasing his magical abilities as his magic began to wane with age. When the White Magician and Wonder Woman crossed paths he new she would give him trouble with his plans of gaining more power. He made a plan to cause a battle between the Amazons and the dark being Eclipso. In that altercation he had hoped to control and channel their power into his own, leaving him to not only be more powerful.

Wonder Woman stopped White Magician plans for more power, the White Magician allied himself with an up-and-coming mob boss named Ares Buchanan. The both of them to sabotaged a Soviet space program space station so that Wonder Woman would attempt a rescue mission. Once she was aboard the station the White Magician caused a massive explosion, causing Wonder Woman and the lone Russian cosmonaut Natasha Terranova to drift off into space. Wonder Woman's ingenuity provided her a way back to Earth after a few months in space.


White Magician as a Demon
White Magician as a Demon

The White Magician later formed a pact with a demon. exchanged his soul for ultimate power. espite this, the White Magician performed various false heroic deeds in order for the public to continue to view him as a hero. Wonder Woman said she would put him down if he ever crossed the line to true evil. Fortunately for the White Magician the title of Wonder Woman was passed from Diana to the new champion of Themyscira, Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, because Diana's mother foreseen a vision of her. Queen Hippolyta seen her daughter had died. When he became aware that Artemis was going to battle him. he used the life force of two women: his lover, anchor woman Cassandra Arnold and that of The Cheetah, to transform himself into a giant demon, capable of defeating the Amazon. In the process the remains of his two victims became super, savage demons with extraordinary power, and obeying only The White Magician's commands. Overwhelmed, Artemis kept up the fight valiantly until Diana was able to aid her, thanks to a disguised Circe teleporting her to her side. During the fight Circe attempted to use her magics on the demon, but the sorcery failed, as she was tied to her false mortal identity of Donna Milton. Using the last of her power, Circe teleported the two lesser demons and herself away, leaving Diana and Artemis to battle The White Magician Near death, Artemis gave the Gauntlet of Atlas (which gave its wearer 10 times their normal strength) to Diana to finish the battle. Diana beat the demonic White Magician to within an inch of his life with her tremendously enhanced strength. However, before she could finish him, he was consumed by his own demonic powers and incinerated, leaving only a pile of smoldering ashes behind. While Circe and the Cheetah eventually returned to their former selves.

Powers and Abilities

The White Magician is a high-level sorcerer, capable of using his magic in a variety of effects. He is several hundred years old and cast an eternal youth spell on himself so that his true age could never be revealed. In his demonic form, he had the physical strength, size and power of a high-lord demon, with large claws for hands.

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