White Lightning

    Character » White Lightning appears in 19 issues.

    An attention seeking criminal that has had many run-ins with Impulse. White Lightning recruits teenagers into her gang to commit crimes, usually robberies.

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    As a child of a broken marriage, White Lightning developed a camaraderie with her mother and an utter contempt for fathers, police, and all other authority figures. She is a thrill-seeker as an adult, committing spectacular crimes just to make the authorities look incompetent. Her father's nickname for her, "Princess", incites her wrath and invites immediate retribution against any who use it to address her.

    She became a legend, traveling from town to town across the American South with support from her truck driver (and sometime smuggler) mother. White Lightning would announce her intent to arrive in a town on the Internet, then charm local teenage boys into working as her gang for the heist. Attracted by her fame, charisma, and sex appeal, they would be all too happy to help. This is what brought her into conflict with Impulse!

    Encounters with Impulse

    Her first caper in the Manchester, Alabama area turned into a complete fiasco, when Impulse infiltrated her gang and apprehended them, but White Lightning escaped capture herself. She returned later, allied with the Trickster and successfully stole an artifact from the local university.

    White Lightning has also been known to hire out her skills at spreading devastation. Hired to harass witnesses in a toxic dumping case, she used a variety of weaponry instead of local help.

    White Lightning showed that she had a compassionate side when a number of cities were threatened by a flood along the Warrior River. Max Mercury called on regional super-villains to help hold back the waters, and White Lightning actually saved Impulse’s life when he nearly drowned.

    White Lightning’s current whereabouts are unknown.


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