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    Team » White Lantern Corps appears in 42 issues.

    The White Lantern Corps was formed by The Entity to combat Nekron and his Black Lantern Corps and end The Blackest Night. Wills the user to want to live.

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    Blackest Night

    The White Lantern Corps is formed when Hal Jordan merges with the Entity to combat Nekron and his Black Lantern Corps and end the Blackest Night. They end the terrors of Blackest Night by bringing Black Hand back to life.

    The members are composed of the resurrected heroes Nekron commanded to "DIE".

    As of now, the only member of the "Corps" who still wields a white power ring is Boston Brand.

    Brightest Day

    The Entity tells Boston Brand that it is dying. It searches for a new champion, but Brand must find its replacement. In addition to Brand, there are 12 newly risen heroes who need to protect the champion. If each of them accomplish their individual missions, they are granted life as a prize.


    • Deadman - "You need to embrace life." - NEVER CONFIRMED
    • Hank Hall - "Catch the boomerang." - MISSION FAILED
    • Martian Manhunter - "Burn it. Burn it down. Burn all of it." ---LIFE RETURNED
    • Firestorm - Ronald: "You need to study." Jason: "You need to get your head out of the books." ---LIFE RETURNED
    • Hawkman - "Don't let them leave this world. Stop the Queen." ---LIFE RETURNED
    • Hawkgirl - "If your lover dies here, there is no more resurrection. Save him from Hath-Set." ---LIFE RETURNED
    • Aquaman - "Find him. Find him first. ( Aqualad )"---LIFE RETURNED
    • George Harkness (Captain Boomerang) - "Throw the boomerang at her. ( Dove)" - LIFE RETURNED
    • Jade - "Balance the darkness. Your brother will save your friends."---LIFE RETURNED
    • Osiris - "Free the goddess of nature. Free your sister. Free Isis." ---LIFE RETURNED
    • Maxwell Lord - "Magog will plunge this world into war. Stop the war before it starts." --- LIFE RETURNED
    • Professor Zoom - "You have allowed the Flash escape the Speed Force. Mission accomplished."---LIFE RETURNED


    White Lantern Power Ring
    White Lantern Power Ring

    In Brightest Day: Aquaman #3, the entity reveals the purpose of the other reason for the resurrected heroes. It revealed to Brand that the Earth has been corrupted by mankind for years and that Nekron's attack worsened the corruption to the point that the Earth will die soon. Those resurrected by the White Lantern serve one of two purposes in the Entity's plan. That is to either prevent further destruction and buying Brand more time to find the Champion or by purifying their souls by overcoming what held them back in life. The ones that must purify their souls are Ronnie Raymond, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman.


    Upon finishing Captain Boomerang's mission, George threw his boomerang towards Dove as instructed. Hawk notices it and tries to deflect it but rather becomes cut from it. Boston at the very last second steps in front of the on coming boomerang as it lodges into his chest. A burst of white energy is shortly released from Boston. As his life fades, the ring is removed from Boston and his inhaled Alex Holland's corpse giving him life. Reborn, The Parliament Trees wrap Alex's body as he becomes the Swamp Thing as he battles the Swamp Thing created by Nekron. The rings created the logo to appear on his chest. After the battle, everyone had their lives restored except Boston who questioned this. When he sought out these answers from the power battery, it disappeared in a blast. No battery or rings have appeared since then.


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