White Knight

    Character » White Knight appears in 3 issues.

    A young boy born of an unholy union in ancient times that was transported to the world of madness and mayhem, geared up a suit of magical armor he become the heroic White Knight.

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    Leon Du Lac, son of Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere, was raised and well trained by the wizard Merlin. When the kingdom fell, enemy forces found him, and through the magic portal Leon went. The portal transported him to Wonderland. Wonderland tugged at the young man’s sanity; it tugged at his very soul. There, he found a magical white armor. When he wore the armor, the darkness that called to him in Wonderland was hushed. He became the White Knight.

    The White Knight slayed beast after beast in Wonderland. He even opposed the evil forces of the Queen of Hearts. Eventually the Queen of Spades caught word of this champion and offered him a mission. Creatures and beasts have found a way to slip back and forth between Wonderland and Leon’s homeland, killing his people.


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