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Ami Han is the last of the Kumiho, a mystical Korean shape shifting nine-tailed fox. Her grandmother was a Kumiho who fell in love with the man that helped her uncover her humanity. As an adult, Ami became an operative of the South Korean National Intelligence Service, both in her civilian identity and as the White Fox, one of South Korea's super-agents. She has reported to have a nine tailed fennec fox sister, and she supposedly survived, meaning that ami isnt the last of her race, her sister has the same powers as her sister, but lacks her shapeshifting powers


White Fox was created for a Korean web-comic named Avengers: Electric Rain #1, but first appeared in print form in the American comic-book Contest of Champions Vol. 1 issue 1 (2015).

Major Story Arcs


Millionaire with a Mouth

White Fox is hired to stop Deadpool from stealing a flash drive from a company in Japan. She is able to stop him but it turns out to be Solo in his Deadpool costume. Solo gets away but White Fox keeps the flash drive.

End of an Era

White Fox can be seen fighting Solo on one of Stingray monitors.


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