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    Character » White Feather appears in 49 issues.

    A member of the Inferior Five, White Feather is an expert archer only when he believes no one is watching him.

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    White Feather is the son of Freedom Brigade hero The Bowman (a parody of Green Arrow). A glamour photographer by day, he got into superheroics at the behest of his father. He and several other children of heroes formed the Inferior Five.


    White Feather was created by E Nelson Bridwell, Joe Orlando and Mike Esposito.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Inferior Five

    With his team of misfit superheroes, White Feather goes on a series of adventures that result, to the surprise of all involved, in victory for the team.

    Angel and the Ape

    White Feather joins his team in battling Gorilla Grodd alongside Angel O'Day and Sam Simeon. They are ultimately able to defeat Grodd.

    The Brave and the Bold

    White Feather and the team are plucked out of 1972 by the Legion of Substitute Heroes. The two teams share a misadventure. At its conclusion, White Feather and the rest of the team are accidentally dropped off in 2010.


    White Feather joins his team in fighting the forces of Gridlock. When Bat-Mite arrives and reboots the team, he becomes much more competent, and completely fearless. Though he becomes much more successful, he is also more vicious. He is turned back to normal at Tough Bunny's request.

    Alternate Versions

    Superior 5

    Splitshot, of the Superior 5, is a serious, villainous version of White Feather.

    Powers and Abilities

    Like his father, White Feather is an archer of great skill. Unlike his father, he is exceptionally nervous around people, and cannot utilize his archery skills unless he is convinced that no one is watching. Indeed, he is a coward, and terrified of almost everything.


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