White Fang

    Character » White Fang appears in 16 issues.

    "The clay had been moulded until the creature became what it was, morose and lonely, unlovin and ferocious, the enemy of all it's kind.....and so it was, White Fang was born."

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    Eric Bondi was, little to his wife's knowledge, having an affair with fellow police officer Brooke. Eric was fatally shot in the neck by The Hood. While in hospital with a GCS score of seven, a very serious state of coma.

    Dr Bondi sat with her husband reading him Jack London's White Fang until he succumbed. This drove Elizabeth to use her technical expertise to build her self a suit, at which point she dubbed herself White Fang. She used to work at Stark Industries and stole the technology of her suit from there.

    From this point, she would focus on getting her revenge and kill The Hood. She spends a few months tracking him down and finally attacks him with her new weapon technology. She nears beats him to death until she is defeated by Parker who is possessed by Dormammu. She is almost killed by him but the Hood regains his human self and lets her go to live.

    Later on she is in the presence of the Controller who is at this point sick of the Hood and wants him out of the picture. He give White Fang new battle gear as well as info on when he is not wearing the powerful hood. When he is with his family.


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