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Alex Poniatowski fell out of the building. He had no right to live. He broke not only most of the bones in his body but also a fundamental principle of life - escaped from the clutches of death. Four years later, thanks to a special serum returns as a superhero, White Eagle. He does not remember details of the accident, looking for their missing father, people who tried to kill him and ... his beloved wife. In the fight against the dangers which threaten Poland, corporation Techcorp, and his old friend Victor Ross, he is assisted by the young genius inventor - Hudini.

Unfortunately, the damage which he suffered were so severe that Alex woke up paralyzed. Dramatic attempt to restore his performance took on Alex's father Karol - scientist and the only person who never doubted him . However, during the treatment with an experimental serum, in the body of Alex occurred unforeseen changes.

Aleks got superpowers, so that increased his physical strength and gained an incredible resilience. Additionally, thanks to the latest technology and special giveaways he is able to fly and move with high speed.


In the series first flight, White Eagle tries to explain the mystery that hides TechCorp. Alex to function effectively still needs serum which was created by his father. For this reason, he sneaks into the Tech Crop and steals the serum. However, it dispenses with it without a fight - facing him is Project Zero, which also uses the power of the serum.

Project Zero turns out to be too strong, Alex escapes, but his costume was seriously damaged and White Eagle falls under the train. When he wakes up discovers that he is in the sewers of Warsaw, where Nur -super villain wants to eat him. From oppression he was saved by the Wretched Polish Knight.

In subsequent issues White Eagle faces the challenge of saving Warsaw from total destruction that was caused by the conversation of Mr. Question and Mr. Answer. He got a help from two new super heroes Siren, and Project Zero - who escaped from Tech Corp.


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