White Dragon

    Character » White Dragon appears in 36 issues.

    Leader of a gang called Dragon Lords in Chinatown in NYC. He is a master of the martial arts.

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    The Leader of the Dragon Lords made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #184 (September, 1978). He can shoot fire from his mask.

    White Dragon would come into conflict with Moon Knight and Spider Man after gang-wars erupted in Chinatown. White Dragon murdered a man named Do Yang who was a well respected leader of the Tiger's Claw. Do Yang was once the head of the strongest warrior society in Chinatown and the White Dragon killed him so his Dragon-Lords could take over. Moon Knight was a friend of Do Yang and paid his respects to a man that helped Spector find evil men who were hiding in Chinatown. Moon Knight promised Yang's wife that he would bring his murderer to justice. The Tiger's Claw wanted a great fighter named Phillip Chang to become their leader but he refused to lift his hand in violence after he lost his parents during his time in an underworld organization in China. Peter Parker found Chang and wanted to help when the White Dragon and his Dragon-Lords appeared. Parker changed into Spider Man and fought White Dragon and his men inside a restaurant. Moon Knight came to help but was stopped by Do Yang's nephew, Chu Yang because they didn't want outsiders to interfere with their business in Chinatown.

    White Dragon beating on Phillip Chang.
    White Dragon beating on Phillip Chang.

    White Dragon would appear a few days later with Phillip Chang as his captive. Spider Man just foiled an attack on an import store when he saw his friend in trouble. White Dragon wanted to crush the spirits of all the people in Chinatown by defeating Chang in combat. Spider Man wanted to help but Chu Yang stopped the wall crawler and told him that the affairs of Chinatown must be settled among their own people. Chang was taking a beating because he refused to fight and accept the White Dragon as his master. During the commotion, Spider Man finds Chu Yang meeting with a Dragon-Lord inside a dark alley. Yang apparently betrayed his uncle and had planted a bomb to kill all the members of the Tiger's Claw. Yang called his uncle soft-hearted and wanted to rule by the side of a true warrior- the White Dragon. Spider Man stopped both men and started to search for the bomb. Moon Knight appeared with one of the White Dragon's men who had incriminating evidence against the White Dragon. Moon Knight revealed to the crowd below that the Kingpin had freed the White Dragon from prison in exchange for his help with the takeover of Chinatown. The White Dragon had betrayed Chinatown by bringing in an outsider and his Dragon-Lords refused to help him. Spider Man found the bomb inside a vase and threw it into the waterfront. Moon Knight engaged White Dragon in combat and brought him down for the memory of Do Yang.

    While trying to convince Mister Negative to work for The Hood he is possessed by Negative's powers turning against his teammates until finally killed by The Hood himself.

    He apparently survives the gunshot wounds he received from The Hood, as an operative of Mister Negative later appears to kidnap Fred Myers from prison named Red Dragon, who looks exactly like White Dragons corrupted self.

    Powers and Abilities

    The White Dragon is a skilled martial artist and wears a dragon mask that can shoot flames from its mouth. White Dragon also wears gloves that are tipped with razor sharp claws. His mask also allows White Dragon to exhale potent gas from his nostrils that can render foes unconscious.


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