White Case Book

    Object » White Case Book appears in 10 issues.

    Bruce Wayne keeps this journal to write personal information about different members of his team. Seeing who is fit to help him continue his war against crime.

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    From the Pages of the White Casebook:

    • Batman And Robin

    "I am back, but I am not here. I've been replaced. In some ways...improved upon. But for all he has done, for his near-miraculous ways with Damian, Dick remains a reflexive thinker. He is poetry in motion, calm confident. Able to intimidate and ingratiate at the same time. Yet, the role of Batman requires more than that. As the leader of the Titans and now the Justice League, Dick has always shown aspects of his personality that he contradicts in his solo work as Nightwing(and now Batman). The need for meticulous planning. Proactive engagement. Seeing a scope that extends beyond his immediate operation. He is far easier with other than I can ever hope to be, but not hard enough on himself. Ironically, the very things Tim Drake has been doing to the detriment of his own ability to relax on the job. My children are all parts of a whole...but does that while add up No...but certainly to the ideal of what I should be. So to solidify my plans, the measure of Red Robin will require the opposite of my evaluation of Dick and Damian. A status assessment which officially began...five seconds ago..."

    • Red Robin

    "I returned after a long road home only to find a longer road ahead of me. A decision has been made, about who I am going to be and how I am going to continue my mission. Now, I have to gauge how things--how people--have changed in my absence and see who best can help in my plans--and how I can best help them. I observed Dick Grayson and my son, Damian, perform admirably as Batman and Robin and feel that Gotham City is in good hands. Now, I need to see how Tim Drake's long-term planning as Red Robin will work with (or against?) my new operational outlook. I need to see if he's drawn the best from what I've taught him...or the worst from the things I've done wrong...? For every tragedy Tim has endured, and there have been far too many, he has emerged from their shadows stronger, brighter than he was before. Even this new persona as Red Robin, born of darkness, has found the light. But it is a light filtered through shades of grey that concerns me. Not because i fear what Tim will become, but because I fear he will try to become too much like me. His strength lies in his ability to balance the dark with the light and understanding that ultimately order can't be won without a healthy embrace of chaos. His weakness lies in thinking that eventually, it will all have to be done by one man himself. So my task with Tim is one I have to work hard for myself as well: never to forget you have allies in this war, that you need those allies and friends...and to try, just a little but, to enjoy those ties a little more, because they're so fragile. In times past, the ties I've forged have always been strained. My next evaluation seems lamentable proof of that. Since I was forced to abandon the Outsiders, they seem to have lost their way, dividing into factions with no consistent vision for what they should be. It's my fault, but it's their responsibility. The time has come to see whether the Outsiders will be friends...or foes..."
    • Batgirl

    "Stephanie Brown. Formerly a variable. A loose end. A liability. As "Spoiler" Brown's skill was perpetually outweighed by her need to both please...and obsess. Thought I'm tempted to say I misjudged her, that isn't the case. Who she was just so happens to no longer be who she is. Reminding me of the original Batgirl in more ways than one... Brown's now a "wild card" in the best of ways. As the only low-profile member of the family team organization, Stephanie has an invisibility the rest of us do not have the luxury of possessing. Like the others, Brown has shown growth in my absence. Unlike the others, my return may have the least impact on her operation--one not born of fear, but of hope for a brighter tomorrow. Who knows--maybe there's room for hope in Gotham, after all.

    • Catwoman

    "If there exists such a thing as longing, for two hearts beating across time, space, and dimension, then perhaps she helped provide a beacon. A reason to return. Someone to come back to. Of all the people who were left in my absence, it was Selina that I worried about the least but worried for the most. Throughout all of this, things have changed...both for Gotham and for myself. And now I watch to see where she fits into all of this. By nature a thief lives in the pursuit of attaining items that are not theirs. To steal from others, for monetary or personal gain. A life of greed and possession, but also one of self-interest. I have seen all sides of Selina, and thought I knew everything about her. But what she went through for me tonight has unveiled a new layer. A different one. And while I am hesitant to accept the company she keeps, I have a newfound respect for Selina. For the obstacles she's had to overcome during my absence. And the person she continues to shape herself into. With her, I'll always remain guarded. I once told her that she can't always get what she wants. But maybe this Selina can."

    • Commissioner Gordon

    "I worried about Jim Gordon in my absence. For years, without question, he had been the finest cop Gotham City had ever known, dealing with situations and psychopaths no other police officer had ever dreamed of. But I had been there to help. With me gone, he hasn't had to stand alone, but he doesn't have the same relationship with my "extended family" as he had with me. He may have felt isolated, on an island. And in the face of the kind of adversity Gotham could throw at a man on a daily basis, he could very easily  have buckled. Broken. Given up. I can't do what I need to do , be who I need to be, without Jim Gordon. I need to know if he's still standing. I've often referred to Gotham as my city. But if you asked Jim Gordon, he'd tell you it was his. And he'd be right. I try not to share much. Vicki Vale knows that. But if I have to share Gotham City, there's still no one better to share it with than Jim. Maybe someday, we can sit down together as friends, no secrets between us, and talk about this town and out lives in it. But that day isn't coming any time soon. Because he still has work to do. And so do I. At the moment, tracking a certain leak back to its source..."

    • Oracle

    "There were so many people I thought about while I was gone, so many I worred about -- Dick. Tim. Damian. But there were some I knew would soldier on. Some who could stare adversity, grief, death in the face and, if not quite laugh, evolve and continute fighting the good fight. Barbara Gordon was one of those people. How many times will those in my life be put in harm's way? Is my very presence as radioactive to my loved ones as it feels? Will my return cause more grief than when I was gone? These are questions for another day because now... now I have a job to finish. And God help anyone who gets in my way"
    • Ra's al Ghul

    "My evaluation of my allies -- of my family -- has come to a conclusion. But in determining how my mission will proceed into the future, everything has been placed in jeopardy. A former lover -- a reporter -- Vicki Vale, has threatened to reveal the secrets of Bruce Wayne and Batman. The Gotham Underground learned she knew my identity and tired to kidnap her. We stopped these attempts, only to see her attacked by the Seven Men of Death, who sought not to use her information, but to kill her for having it. Their master, the immortal Ra's Al Ghul, would allow only one person to destroy everything I have built... On a journey that has taken me from the shadow of a self-style god through the light of ten thousand rising suns, I stand in the dark of my home and bathe in its brightness. I have watched Gotham City rise from the very mud of its foundations, seen the worst and the best i has to offer and for now, it feels safer than the place that gave birth to the Batman. It's because of the Batman that the city has the protectors it needs, I know, but I also realize that Dick, Tim and Barbara and all their friends have done more together to secure our home than I could have on my own. This became a journey of self-identity, secret or otherwise, and my time away has helped me see everything through new eyes. The web that binds crime and justice, truth and lies, fear and hope is too strong for one man to unravel its individual threads. Now, more than ever, I'm prepared to accept help in expanding and accomplishing my mission. Now, more than ever, I'm prepared to cast the Shadow of the Bat across the entire globe... "

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